10th January 2021

Your baby’s future career

This article will explain the five types of active baby and how they may point to their future job….

It’s pretty exciting when, after months of lying flat on their back, your baby first starts to move around – but you quickly realise that, with every new development, life gets a whole lot more exhausting. We can’t do much about the tiredness, but we can assure you that, with Pampers Active Fit nappies (available from size 3), those first bum shuffles, steps or commando crawls will be comfortable, unrestricted and secure – no matter how wild their moves are. But what kind of skills does your baby like to showcase? See if you can spot them here…

The stealthy sneak 

Aww, just look at them, sitting demurely in the ball pit, with a look of concentration on their face which suggests they’re either revising their primary colours or brewing up a hefty poo. Then you look away for three seconds to take a sip of your tea and chuckle at some Reels, and suddenly they’re at the other side of the room, still sitting demurely and smiling at you as if absolutely nothing has happened, causing you to question your own sanity. You have never seen this baby crawl. You have never seen this baby roll. How did they get there? Did they hail a tiny, silent Uber? You’ll never know. 

Future career: International spy  

The extreme sports enthusiast

Jumperoos? Boring. Ride-on giraffes? SO lame. A playpen? Errr, this baby simply refuses to serve time in any colourful DIY containment zone of your making. You can throw all the money you like at contraptions to contain and entertain, but now that this little tinker has mastered the power of movement, they’re far more interested in escaping from them and climbing up the stairs when your back is turned or diving off the sofa instead. Let’s be honest, you’re kind of impressed by your little action hero or heroine’s mad skills and can’t wait for them to be old enough for Go Ape.

Future career: Parkour professional

The fiddler

If this baby spots a nice shiny remote control or a particularly attractive ornament, they will stop at nothing until they can get their cheeky little hands on it and do their best to dismantle it. Thought you’d put all the dodgy stuff out of reach? As if – you can baby-proof all you like, but if there’s an interesting item in your home,, they will sniff it out and find a way to get to it, whether via crawl, climb, bum shuffle or a combination of all three (and sometimes you wonder if they have secretly assembled a makeshift fishing rod). You have two options: empty your home of all possessions, or never take your eyes off them for a second.

Future career: Mechanic, mad scientist or nail technician 

The destroyer 

Remember nice things? You used to have some, and then your baby learned to move fast and break things. Now your nice plates have been replaced by plastic Peppa Pig merch, your nice make-up has been smeared on your bedroom wall and your nice laptop has been sent back to the manufacturer after suffering an inexplicable injury. You’ve tried buying your little darling some nice things of their own, of course, but it transpires they’re just not as fun to seek out, grab and hurl. Oh well, perhaps you can start getting more nice things when they go off to uni. In the meantime, who needs high-end mascara anyway? *sob*

Future career: Instagram unboxing influencer    

The Cuddler

Do you know what’s more fun than a climbing frame? Mummy! There was a time when your body was your own, but these days your knees are a slide, your face is a fruit machine and your boobs are a bouncy castle. Your baby has the run of the house, but they much prefer climbing on you, jumping on you, wrapping themselves around your legs and generally treating you like a theme park. Lucky that Pampers Active Fit nappy won’t budge, eh?

Special mention must go to the nighttime gymnast, who goes to bed in their own cot but wakes up with their foot in your mouth and their bum on your partner’s head. 

Future career: GLOW cast member 

This week’s content is brought to you by Pampers Active Fit; providing parents with trusted fit and comfort for active babies, no matter how wild their moves are. It’s super strong grips, wider locking tapes and soft stretchy waist wings, offers Pampers’ best ever stay-put fit. And if you’d like to hear about a great offer, tune in to virtual meet up this Thursday with Dr Duke. 

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