7th December 2016

Winter with a baby: dream vs reality

This month we’re excited to partner with Neutral Sensitive Skin, a new brand for you and your family offering skincare, baby care and laundry ranges. Together with Neutral, we’ll bring you four special mush guides this month.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… apart from the fact that it’s flipping freezing. Your warm and fuzzy visions of your first winter with your little one are melting faster than a snowman in a built-up area…

The dream: Party time in cute seasonal outfits

The reality: Festive fancy dress of some kind is a must while your child is too young to object… too young to object verbally, that is. The minute you shoehorn your wriggling beast into that super-cute Christmas jumper/elf outfit, it seems that something is up. They fidget, they cry, they stare at you as if you are more Satan than Santa.

If your baby seems uncomfortable in their festive outfit, could it be that the material feels unfamiliar and irritating to their skin? If so, try washing before wear in gentle Neutral 0% laundry products, specially developed for sensitive skin but powerful enough to remove stains effectively when they inevitably roll in filth and drool all over themselves.

If this doesn’t make a difference, it’s probably the humiliation of being dressed as a tiny Rudolph that’s getting them down…

The dream: A romantic family stroll around a picturesque park

The reality: Leaving the house with a baby is time-consuming whatever the weather, but in winter it’s so much worse – all those extra layers for them AND you means that, by the time you actually get out, it’s nearly dark. And then there’s the fact that as soon as your special snowflake’s face hits the harsh, outside world, their nose starts running and running and running. So much for photo opps. Have Neutral 0% baby wipes on hand to mop up the river of snot without irritating their skin, thanks to zero unnecessary additives like perfume and colourants.

The dream: Cute photos with Father Christmas to smugly post on Facebook

The reality: We spend our lives telling children not to talk to strangers, and then we plonk them on the knee of a strange bearded man bellowing “ho ho ho!” and expect them to smile? As if! Ditch the high pressure (and high cost) of a Santa shoot until they’re old enough to appreciate it (ETA: never) and take some festive photos at home instead. Or get Photoshop.

The dream: Looking super-hot on your first night out in ages

The reality: Because your baby always has had a permanent cold since Halloween, so do you. This means that when the big Christmas night out you’ve been planning for ages rolls around, you’re worried you’ll be mistaken for Rudolph. Why is it that the most sociable time of year is also the time when we’re most likely to be crusty-nosed, flaky-skinned, knackered and bloated? Snot fair. Sort yourself out with some flattering Instagram filters and a Neutral 0% Winter Skin bundle which features a range of products specially developed for sensitive skin, including Intensive Repair Cream Hand Cream and Face Wash. You’re as good as new!

New in the UK and available exclusively online Neutral 0% offers products across skin, face, baby and household ranges (laundry detergent, dish soap, etc.) that are specially designed for sensitive skin.  All our products are dermatologically tested and contain no unnecessary perfumes, parabens or colourants.  Neutral 0% was born in Denmark and for more than 25 years we have worked with the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association to create products that are gentle on you and your families skin.  Explore all our products at www.neutralsensitiveskin.com

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