11th January 2021

What is Mush Work?

When Mush was created back in 2016 with the mission to make mums happier, more confident, and more connected, we had one main pain point we were aiming to tackle. Mums were feeling lonely, lost and overwhelmed and they craved friendship, meet-ups, support and advice.

When we surpassed the 2 million friendships mark at the end of 2019, we knew we had achieved our original goal.

We’ve always listened to our mums about new things they would like to see on Mush, and one topic arose time and time again after they had emerged from the chrysalis of new mum. Mums were asking what work others were doing, how they were making childcare and work, work. Whether their employers were being supportive of requests for reduced hours, if others were feeling unconfident about going back and/or leaving their baby. It occurred to us we might be able to help.  

There are a squillion mixed emotions and opinions about work and kids, but we plan on tackling them head on.

We want to think about all the practical things as well as the aspirational things when it comes to work for mums. We will present useful content, resources, courses, coaching, opportunities and work ideas (and actual real jobs) that we hope gives you the right outcome for you, when you are ready.

If ‘Work’ is one of the things that tethers a woman back to herself; the person that she was before having a baby, we plan on making you realise how you have changed, and how work will likely change as a result. And that’s ok. In fact, it’s going to be amazing.

What Mush Work is working on:

  • Useful information and resources
  • Messaging pods with Work mums in the same boat
  • Jobshare opportunities
  • Flexible jobs
  • Courses to upskill
  • Confidence and Coaching
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