18th April 2016

How to wean your baby without going insane

It’s time to wean. Woohoo! Something else to try and fit into the day. The idea of weaning can be overwhelming, but Amy Ransom tells you how can make it easier with some of these tips.

Baby-led weaning or puree? 

The main factor in making this decision is how you want to clean up food from the floor. Massacred florets of broccoli? Or pureed broccoli smeared onto the floor? Because regardless of how it goes in, that’s where it all ends up. On the floor. Why not try doing a combination of both. A pureed meal at lunch time and finger food for tea.

Don’t puree every fruit and vegetable you come into contact with.

If your baby decides he hates broccoli, you’re going to have a whole freezer full of the stuff. And be forced to eat it yourself, for the rest of time. Instead, do a small batch to start with and figure out what your baby likes.

All the gear, no idea?

Contrary to what you might be told, you can wean your baby without buying every weaning contraption in sight. A spoon is just a spoon after all. A good bib? Now that’s worth getting. Whilst you’re at it, get yourself one too so when your baby spits sweet potato at you in disgust, you’re protected.

You don’t need to make your own Chicken stock.

Roasting a Oxbridge educated, multi-lingual chicken just to get organic, low salt stock for your baby is, erm, bonkers. Many of us have done it. And then cried when we discovered low salt OXO cubes in the condiments aisle.

Similarly, you don’t have to buy organic produce.

You probably will because you want to give your baby the best start possible. And you haven’t yet realised that on his first birthday, he’ll be eating iced Minion biscuits and party rings.

‘Food is fun!’ Everyone says that, for the first year, ‘Food is fun!’

Remember this. When your baby turns her nose up at the pureed beef stew you’ve spent eight hours slow cooking. When she hurls spinach puree at you in utter disgust, 30 seconds before you need to leave the house. All of this is fun.


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