10th August 2016

Ways being a mum makes you actually really, really cool

Ah, the good ol’ identity crisis eh? Having a baby and then suddenly feeling like you’ve no place in society and all the stuff you used to really enjoy has fallen by the wayside. Well I’m not down with that, heck no. Us millennial mums have got ample proof we’re cool AF (that’s modern day slang for rude things guyz) and I’m here to shout about it (says Susie Verrill)

  • You either pushed an actual human out of you or underwent very serious surgery. That’s something right there.
  • Remember when you were younger and you felt like you were really busy ALL. THE. TIME. Oh my gosh I’m so busy, so busy.Well now you know that you weren’t and in fact, NOW you’re really busy. You’re busy to the point you’ve forgotten to wee and you’re still managing to function. That’s pretty darn impressive.
  • I don’t know about you but now I’ve got someone to protect I’m much feistier, my maternal instinct has kicked in with real gusto. As someone who years ago would have worried about offending or speaking out of turn, I’ll now happily go full steam ahead on something if I think I have the right to. Assertiveness (while, of course, still polite) is a newly gained, positive skill.
  • You had poo on your elbow earlier, sick on knee now. Do you care if the winged eyeliner on your right eye doesn’t 100% match the left? No, of course you don’t. You’re going to go out anyway. Go you.
  • We’re modern day mums; we enjoy sport, socialising, being business savvy and even when we’re at home, we’ve got stuff on the go. There’s never a dull moment.
  • We care about the world and what’s going on because we’ve just given birth to someone who’s going to be living in it.
  • Pre-baby I wasn’t really game for chatting to strangers, I’m quite shy in all honesty. Becoming a mum has meant I’ll gladly approach anyone with a tired glint in their eye and a pram.
  • You enter the sisterhood and it’s great to be part of. It’s like being in a gang at school only without an exceptionally short tie and mean girls.
  • You appreciate things more. Or at least, I’ve found I do. I really relish reading a new book or finding out about new things. It sounds ridiculous but I’m like some sort of weird information hoarder. When motherhood’s becoming a bit samey (which goodness me, it does, a lot) you reach out for other stuff to focus on and grab it by the balls.
  • Every single day holds an accomplishment. It’s pretty great to know you can finish each day able to tell yourself you’ve done a good job. Sometimes it won’t necessarily feel like you have, so I’ll confirm it for you. You have. And that’s why you’re one cool mama.


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