16th June 2016

Ways our bodies are better post baby

We’ve all looked in the mirror and wondered what on earth happened to the figure we had before we became someone’s mummy and BOY do we give ourselves a hard time. Fad diets, busting our mama guts in countless exercise classes, creams for the stubborn cellulite… why are we so keen to blitz the proof we’ve housed a human? Here’s a few ways our ‘now’ bodies beat our ‘then’ counterparts.  By Susie Verrill.

– Firstly and very much most importantly, that body you’re in charge of GREW SOMEONE. An actual human. So please remember that every single day, your body’s a miracle machine.

– Your partner’s got a whole new figure to enjoy and enjoy it, he will. Don’t be worrying you’re not as attractive as you used to be; your other half’s going to still be in awe of what you did AND he’s probably glad you can both have fun together without a gargantuan baby bump getting in the way.

– If you’ve got stretch marks, they’re living proof of the extent your body pushed itself to breaking point to ensure you gave your little one a cosy home for nine months. If you’re struggling to accept them just remember absolutely no-one notices them as much as you do.

– If you’ve kept on some baby weight it just means you’ve got a whole new figure to enjoy playing dress up with. Find out what suits you, what makes you feel like you’ve just shimmied out of Tom Hardy’s bedroom. I used to be more about my cleavage now I’m more about my waist to hips ratio. However you’ve changed, find clothes that embrace it.

– When you haven’t had children it’s so easy to scrutinise your body. During our young, single years we often feel the need to look impeccable and well put together. Once you become a mum you realise you’re having a great day if 3/4 components of your outfit are clean and your legs look OK-ish in your skinny jeans… you’ll start to feel comfortable in your skin.


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