12th November 2018

Update your app (no, seriously!)

Not since the launch of the toastie maker has there been such a huge technological advance…

Here at Mush, we think of ourselves as a platform to connect mums to find friends, information and support, and we are proud that 1.5 million friendships have come out of it as a result.

However, the app itself is the glue that keeps a lot of the relationships between Mush users together, and it has been letting us down. We started getting reports back in the summer about how messages were not always appearing and push notifications were being missed and we know that in the game of making friends, sending timely responses is the most important thing you can do.

So we have been working on new messaging and notifications ever since, and can now unveil:

  • Lightning fast sending and receiving
  • Reliable push notifications
  • Easier group messaging
  • Better friend requesting

Mush should feel a lot more like a trusty Whatsapp experience, so we really hope you enjoy it.

But, we cannot take you on to the new messaging without you updating your app from the app store. You will not get messages from new users until you have updated. It also works the other way (users on the old system won’t get your messages), but don’t worry, we will be sending reminders to people every hour until they are on the new version.

So please update now and start chatting again, in a better and more enjoyable space. Thanks!

Update on the App Store or Update on Google Play.

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