16th April 2016

Top 5 non-alcoholic drinks to get you through the 9 months (or more) of being teetotal

Some tried and tested non-alcoholic drink ideas brought to you by Gill Siddle.

Whether it’s a long overdue catch-up with the girls or a Friday night in after a long week, there are times when, no two ways about it, we gag for a drink (or 5), despite being 8 months pregnant or breastfeeding our new arrival. And you know what, like it as we do, Shloer just doesn’t hit the spot. Here are 5 drinks that do:

Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider

The only no-alcohol version of a drink where we genuinely can’t tell the difference. If your fellow drinkers are enjoying the alcoholic version of this ever popular brand, you won’t have to suffer the dreaded drink-envy.

Alcohol free beer

Many brands do a 0% version of their lager and most pubs stock at least one (probably Beck Blue). For our tastes, Sagres and Krombacher’s alcohol-free lagers are a cut above. Ambar Green even do a wheat-free no alcohol lager – double guilt free!

Sainsbury’s non-alcoholic prosecco

The best brand we’ve tried, pretty darn close to the real thing. Pop in a dash of one of Belvoir’s delicious cordials for a bellini treat – ‘Raspberry and Rose’ is our fave.

Summer Cider Cocktail

In a jug, mix ½ no-alcohol cider (Stowford Press do a good one); ½ fresh orange and plenty of fresh mint. Pour into tall glasses filled with ice. Even your booze-drinking friends will want to get in on this one, deliciously refreshing at a summer barbeque.

Virgin Mary

Join in the brunch fun without noticing yours is the only spike-free cocktail – there’s so much going on in a delicious virgin mary, you don’t even miss the vodka (honestly).


Here’s our cracking recipe:

Good quality tomato juice

3 dashes of Tabasco

5 dashes of Worcestershire

A tiny bit of horseradish

Coarse salt, cracked pepper


Give it a good mix with a fork

Pop in plenty of ice

Squeeze and then drop in a chunky slice of lemon

Garnish with celery (and a cocktail stick skewered with a cherry tomato and a couple of olives if you’re going all out).


You. Are. Welcome.




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