Such small people create such big mess. Sarah Cawood explains how to stay sane…

Kids, eh? Who’d ‘av em? Well quite a lot us by all accounts. They come along and they just TURN YOUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN. In every way: both metaphorically and literally.

Just before my first baby came along, I remember worrying about everything. Of course mainly the big stuff: how would I get him out of me? Would he sleep? Would I be able to breastfeed? But I also sweated the small stuff. Mainly: how am I going to cope with the MESS?

Urgh, the mess. I am from the slightly OCD, Monica from Friends school of tidiness and I knew it was going to be a challenge keeping things like I wanted them once I had baby crap lying everywhere. Somehow, against every single odd, I have found a way for my house to not look like it’s been burgled (most of the time). So for the more uptight Mushies amongst you, here are my Tidy Tips.

  • To avoid the Toy Bomb going off in our house, I try and get the kids to put away one set of toys before getting out the next. So before the playdoh box comes out, the Lego goes away. It helps a little bit at keeping a lid on the chaos
  • Baskets are your friend. I have two or three on the go at any time and use them for collecting detritus during the day for sorting once the babes are in bed. My stair basket is my favourite for transporting upstairs things from downstairs back to where they belong.
  • Once a week I try and have a toy audit: I sort through all the boxes, putting jigsaw pieces back in the right box and everything else where it belongs. It helps to keep stuff together and also, I can see what’s broken, what has missing parts and what isn’t getting played with so I can either ditch or charity shop them.
  • I clean the bathroom when the kids are in the bath. It means I can keep an eye on them and do a mundane housework job too. In order to try and keep on top of the cleaning, I try and do stuff as I go along: I seize the opportunity when the the kids are playing happily on their own to get stuff done. Gone are the days when I could get the whole house done in one clean sweep (pun intended!).

I sound like a right prissy pants don’t I? Just in case you think I actually manage to keep the house tidy, please, do enjoy the photo of Hunter in his playroom recently. Taken just before mummy drank gin;).


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