5th June 2018

The three causes of buggy rage

Baby storage facility, nappy bag base camp, shopping bag Buckeroo, car seat wheeler, holder of emergency things, throne to the heir apparent; buggies become the centre of our worlds when a baby arrives. Or, more accurately, we become the operator of a lame, baby-centric, slightly sticky Transformer.

As useful as they are, however, it doesn’t take long before the treacherous mutterings begin. “I’ll be bloody glad when we can get a pushchair,” you’ll mutter between clenched teeth as you wrestle a muddy buggy into the back of the car, slamming the boot a little to vigorously on a jutting handle in revenge for a bent nail. “@*&) #£^*!” you may well exclaim as you wheel the blasted thing over a patch of small, discarded Crocs and your own toes in order to answer the door to the Amazon delivery guy before he scarpers.

Does the following sound familiar? Feel free to scream “YES IT DOES” for every point you agree with – it’ll make you feel better.

Toddler Hulk-ness

Ah, the amazing ability small children have to turn their bodies completely rigid every time you try to put them in the buggy.  All it takes is the mention of the buggy and certain toddlers will switch from cherub to mini Hulk. The more public the setting, or the later you are getting where you’re meant to be, the better. Five tense, teeth-grinding minutes later, you’re doing the walk of shame to nursery while your toddler enjoys the two dummies, jammy dodger and the irritating singing teapot you bribed him with to get in and sit still.

Folding wizardry

You are a master at folding and unfolding your buggy.  Oh yes, you’ve nailed the deft kick that collapses it in one fell swoop.  However, true wizard level is managing to lift the bloody thing in to the boot/in the house while holding on to your toddler, not getting twisted in your handbag or dropping it on your foot.  And even when you do, you realise you forgot to remove the open carton of apple juice, half-eaten sandwich and precious piece of craft from the basket first. Oh. Dear.

Storage Wars

Who are these people with clear hallways, free of clutter from the travel system, “compact” buggy (that actually takes up ALL the room in the hall), and neatly ordered understairs cupboards with labelled storage drawers and acres of space. WHO ARE THEY? HOW DO THEY DO IT? Have they really figured out how to live clutter free, or are they hiding all their stuff at a neighbour’s house when we come over?


Our friends at Micro Scooters, having transformed the school run with their world-famous Mini and Maxi Micros, have now set their sights on solving the problem of buggy rage with the ingenious new Micro Trike.  A redesigned version of the buggy, it’s light enough to carry when little legs are up for walking, lets toddlers feel in control, is a doddle to steer (one-handed!) and folds flat for easy storage (product plug over).

Check out the Micro Trike at micro-scooters.co.uk or win one in our competition.  We have 10 Trikes to give away. Let us know what you think @mushmums and @microscooters.

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