16th December 2019

This is the best story we’ve ever heard about mums meeting on Mush

  • Jocelyn and Kristen got chatting on the app while they were both pregnant
  • They hit it off and started hanging out regularly
  • They ended up having their babies, George and Ferne, just ten minutes apart!

We never tire of hearing stories about mums who’ve become friends via Mush – it is, after all, the reason we exist – but this has got to be one of the best.

Jocelyn and Kristen from Coventry got in touch to tell us about how they got chatting on the app while both pregnant – and ended up having their babies just ten minutes apart! 

Jocelyn and Kristen with George and Ferne at 12 weeks old

“Kristen was the first person I connected with and we had a fair amount in common,” explains Jocelyn. “We messaged for weeks before arranging to go to the Baby Show in Birmingham together in May. We hit it off and continued to chat as our due dates grow closer – I was due on August 20th and Kristen on July 28th. We even invited Kristen and her husband to our home during the heatwave and all spent about three hours in the paddling pool together! It was such a lovely day.”

Kristen and Jocelyn at 39 and 36 weeks pregnant

August came, with Kristen now overdue and Joceyln still a few weeks from her due date but suffering from gestational diabetes. “We were both given dates to be induced – mine was 6th August and Kristen was 8th August,” says Joceyln. “I thought I’d have my baby before she came in to the hospital but I was so wrong – who knew how long the induction process can take?”

“We ended up hanging out at hospital together. Saturday 10th comes round and still no babies but Kristen is finally told she’s dilated enough to go down to the labour ward and have her waters broken,” says Joceyln. “I was a bit jealous because I’d been there for days! But then at 2pm my midwife came to tell me I’m going downstairs to the labour ward to be induced too! I’ve never felt so excited and sick at the same time. I messaged Kristen to say I’m coming down and she replied saying it was a race now…”. 

Both ladies ended up on hormone drips to get things moving. “We both tried gas and air and begged for the epidural,” Jocelyn recalls. “We kept asking our midwives to check up on each other and at first they said they couldn’t due to patient confidentiality, but we both gave them permission to tell us each other’s business!”

“On Sunday morning at 6.30am I was told Kristen had started pushing, but I still needed to wait. But then, at 7.30am, I was given the go ahead to push, and just 14 minutes later, at 7.44am, my baby boy, George, was born. After they had checked him over, they told me that there was more good news – Kristen had her baby girl, Ferne, at 7.54am – exactly ten minutes after George had been born!”

George and Ferne at six days old

“I don’t believe in fate but I think it’s absolutely insane that Kristen is the only person I really spoke to on Mush,” says Joceyln. “Considering our due dates were almost a month apart, it’s mind-boggling that we both would have been induced and gone down to the labour ward at the same time and had our babies so close together, regardless of if we knew each other or not.”

“We now get together every Thursday and we message all the time,” Jocelyn says. “It’s been so great to have someone who I can be so brutally honest with about how hard I’m finding things but also to see how different our babies are. They are polar opposites and it’s really true that you shouldn’t compare your own child to someone else’s.”

We’re so happy that Mush had a hand in such a brilliant story and important friendship. Also: could those babies be any cuter? 

Ferne and George at 14 weeks

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