16th March 2018

Things to do in two hours without your baby

Cat Sims bring us some soft touch ways to feel like you have a had a break from your baby during nap time/ walk time/ anytime. Because the days of meditating on a beach are over, for this month at least.

Having a baby is a tricky business. While they don’t do very much, they seem to require attention almost 100% of the time meaning that you spend most of your life held hostage to this teeny, tiny, ball of delicious neediness. I’m not resenting the babies for this, I’m just suggesting that perhaps we can all use a bit of help in feeling like we’ve had some ‘me’ time, even if we’ve got a baby velcroed to us.

There’s a number of options. Of course, most of them require getting both you and the baby ready to leave the house which, in itself, can be enough effort and stress to require a nap for both of you but if you can make it out, here are some options.

1. Take a walk to a coffee shop that sells cake via a newsagent that sells Grazia (other magazines are available). We all know that babies need stimulation but they don’t need it 24 hours a day and you definitely need some me time. So, pick a nice café that’ll take you about thirty minutes to walk to and settle yourself with a coffee, some cake and your magazine. Obviously your Small will still need tending to (unless this time has coincided with a nap, in which case, you are winning at life) but doing it in a space that isn’t filled with primary-coloured, plastic detritus and rocking a subtle but persistent stench of dirty nappies will make you feel a little more human.

2. Go shopping. It may not seem like an obvious choice but as soon as your baby sneaks towards toddler-hood shopping is out of the question. You probably can’t think of anything nicer than spending an hour wandering around Topshop without a care in the world, but your toddler will see this as a special kind of hell for which they reserve their nuclear tantrums for. So, if you’ve got a baby that’s still happy looking at bright shiny things from their bassinet, take the opportunity to go and treat yourself. OK, the mirrors in the changing room may not be your friend if you’ve just hoofed a human out but it’s worth it if it means you finally get to wear something other than Lycra.

3. Watch a movie. So many of us with new babies think that watching a movie is somehow akin to neglecting them. It isn’t. You don’t have to spend every second of the day making goo-goo ga-ga noises in their face. I must remind you that, at this point, your baby doesn’t really know its elbow from its belly-button so it really isn’t going to mind that you’re balls-deep in the latest rom-com while you cuddle and feed. Rest up mama.

4. Book a mobile therapist. Getting a mani/pedi in a salon can be tricky. It’s a fact universally acknowledged that they’ll need you just as your nails are wet and let’s face it, every woman goes to the salon to get away from real-life for half an hour or so, so it might not be fair to the sisterhood to destroy their grooming zen with a screaming baby. But, a mobile therapist is the perfect solution to everyone’s problems (plus you can even get them to hold the baby while your nails dry).

5. Finally, sleep. I know you get sick of hearing the ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ mantra but they’re right. If you find yourself looking at a sleeping baby, go to sleep yourself. Forget the dishes, the vacuum, the laundry…just sleep.


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