4th June 2019

Things you need to know about Mush right now

Much like your baby, Mush is always changing. So we thought we should draw your attention to a few exciting new features that we hope you like as much as we do…

💬 Chat groups! 💬

We launched our live chat groups (accessible from your messages tab) a few weeks ago and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response. Some of the most popular groups so far include Mental Health, Hair & Beauty and Breastfeeding Mums but we’ve also got dozens of awesome, more niche groups including Hungarian Mums, Life with the in laws, Mums who run and Potty Training. With new groups being created all the time, there’s bound to be one to suit your interests – and if there isn’t, you can easily request one (we’ve had thousands of requests which we’re sifting through as fast as we can!).

📱Latest app update!📱

To get the best from Mush, it’s important to make sure you’ve updated your app. The latest addition is that the popular posts feed now has a counter of new posts since you last opened the app, and there are big new developments to come.

📖 New Mush guides! 📖

We’re publishing more Mush guides than ever to keep you amused during your down time (if you have any…). Some of the latest include “7 binge watch classics for when you’re trapped under a baby” and “The 8 types of mum friend you need in your life”. Plus, if you have a baby between 0 and 6 months, you’ll now be receiving daily guides based on your exact stage. These have been a huge hit so our content team are frantically typing away to expand the age range to cover pregnancy and the rest of the first year.

👩🏻‍⚕️ Exciting news! 👩🏻‍⚕️

We’ve now been selected by NHS England as an app that mums need to have. We’re working with them to get health officials recommending Mush to mums as we all know how being part of a supportive community can make a huge difference to mental health.

📺 Mush on the telly! 📺

Last week, our very own founder Sarah gave some great tips to Channel 5 News about getting the best out of social media. She’s very wise. Especially when it sounds like she’s about to break into song.

👶 And finally… a couple more new additions 👶

Team Mush is getting bigger by the second; we now have enough kids between us to form a modern take on So Solid Crew. Our founder Katie’s third daughter, Maggie, was welcomed to the world at the start of May, followed a few weeks later by developer Dom’s second son, Edward. They are both adorable (and the babies are OK too).

We’d love to know what you think of the app. As ever, you can drop us a line – but now you can also join the Mush Feedback live chat group too (again, via your messages tab) to put your questions and suggestions direct to the team.

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