16th May 2019

Things you need to know about the fourth trimester

The first three months after pregnancy can come as a bit of a shock – to both you and your baby. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we hope you find this reassuring…

Yes, it is normal that your baby doesn’t like being put down. They’ve been living inside your body for the past nine months, this new environment feels a bit weird to them. And yes, it is normal to have really mixed emotions about this.

Yes, it is normal if it feels like your baby breastfeeds constantly. They are being very clever and trying to up your milk supply. It WILL settle down.

Yes, it is normal if your baby isn’t sleeping through the night. In fact, it would be way less normal if they were. They will get there in time and, until then, be kind to yourself and ask for all the support you need.

Yes, it is normal that you’ve still got a mum tum. Very, very normal.

Yes, it is normal if you’re mainly existing on caffeine and sugar. Try and get some fruit and veg in there too but rest assured, it’s normal.

Yes, it is normal that you don’t feel much like making mad love right now. Or for the foreseeable future. But one day you will, promise.

Yes, it is normal to cry at adverts, old people holding hands, dogs with sad eyes, and particularly poignant Watchdog episodes.

Yes, it is normal if you sometimes feel ecstatically happy and sometimes feel a little bit blue (but if the blueness is overwhelming, you should talk to someone).

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