31st July 2020

The ups and downs of your baby no longer being a newborn

Goodbye, newborn phase. Tiny, fresh out of the oven newborns are lovely and all but once the “fourth trimester” is over and your baby is officially an actual baby, not a weird wriggly alien, there is lots to look forward to. Exciting times….

They might be sleeping through the night…

The good news is, when they hit three months, most babies are capable of sleeping through the night. The bad news is, that doesn’t mean they’re going to. Because while a minority of babies can comfortably go without a feed for most of the night from this sort of age, most of them still wake for nightfeeds or just extra cuddles because, they of course, enjoy the closeness and general disruption that it brings. It’s normal. Babies have been expertly manufactured for thousands of years to wake regularly – it helps protect them from SIDS, amongst other things.

Even if you do have a good sleeper on your lucky, lucky hands, you should know that the dreaded four month sleep regression is looming and that’s one milestone that has wiped the smug smile off many a mum’s face who thought they had this sleeping thing down (we speak from experience…). But don’t panic! By now you’ll be used to the ups and downs of baby sleep (or lack of) and can just about muddle through with your mum friends, lots and lots of caffeine and plenty of moaning.

They can do stuff

We’re not saying you can send them out to work just yet, but your baby is now way more alert and animated than they were before. Over the next few months, they’ll master all sorts of dead useful skills. You can prop them up in stuff, play with them more and enjoy their GSOH – they might enjoy a game of peekaboo, for instance. Of course, most babies are still largely immobile at this age, which means you can still plonk them in a bouncer or similar while you go about your business. Perfect. Well, apart from the crying.

They know who they are

Your baby will soon start responding to their own name, so we hope you picked a good one. The downside to this sense of identity is that they might start to become more wary of strangers. Whereas most newborns can be passed around willy-nilly (unless they’re peckish…), as they grow up babies become a bit more clingy, and stranger danger can start to creep in. On the plus side, it’s always handy when you need to get away from someone you don’t like at a party.

You can plan your days more

You’ve probably spent the last few months going with the flow, with your baby dropping off whenever they damned well pleased and wreaking havoc with any plans you foolishly made. Now, you can potentially regain a bit of control – at three months, most babies are on three clear naps which you can plan your day around, and before long this will cut down to two.

The two nap thing is GREAT for days out or visiting friends and family, because they can have sleeps in the car or buggy for both legs of the journey, while you can all enjoy the time in between. It also means you can start committing to regular baby classes if that’s your bag, although the mischievous little monkeys will still do their best to throw your plans awry and fall asleep in the buggy just as you pull up to the venue.  Many a fiver has been wasted on a sleeping baby but hey, at least it gets you out of the house, right?

They are cuter than ever

This one’s actually a trick, because you will think your baby gets cuter and cuter all the time, until they become a teenager and look a bit gross. But, post-newborn phase, your baby is on fleek – any crusty skin and cradle cap will start clearing up, their hair is potentially growing fast, they simply love smiling and they look absolutely magnificent in any seasonal costumes of the era, so if it’s Halloween, Easter or Christmas when you’re in this phase, make the most of the photo opportunities. You won’t regret it.

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