23rd July 2020

The Mush survey results- “Are you ready to go out yet?”

We wanted to get a sense of how you were all feeling after lockdown, so we popped up a survey in Mush’s home feed and a staggering 800 of you kindly took the time to fill it out.

Here are the results:

  1. The situation is confusing
  2. The majority of you haven’t met with others outside of family yet
  3. Nearly all of you aren’t getting enough social interaction
  4. Many of you aren’t doing classes online
  5. Only a few of you are not worried about meeting with others

The situation is confusing

45% of you don’t fully understand what is and isn’t allowed with regard to meeting others. To clarify, you can meet with up to 6 others from different households (babes in arms or in buggies count as a part of you- so you could meet with five others) in a socially distanced (1m apart) way.

The majority of you haven’t met with others outside of family yet

67% of you have not met with anyone else other than family since lockdown ended. This means anyone other than mums, dads, siblings might have been seen, but old school friend or new potential friend have been a no-go so far. Only 10% of those mums have made a plan to see others either, which means over half of you don’t plan to see others outside of your family anytime soon.

Nearly all of you aren’t getting enough social interaction

Only 14% of you think you are getting enough social interaction at the moment. That means you have recognised you are not getting enough for your mental health, for happiness, for normalcy, for a sense of being part of a community. Let me tell you: humans were not designed to live in a small nuclear family and you must know that too.

Many of you aren’t doing classes online

Only 40% have done some form of online class since lockdown started. Given that at any normal time, new mums would be throwing themselves into a variety of baby classes and activities, 60% have shied away from the online provisions put on by many class providers during lockdown. We know that it’s not in any way shape or form the same as seeing real 3D people, but just logging on to a place where others are watching the same as you could give you the reassurance and camaraderie that you are after. Join some of Mush’s virtual meet-ups, that will warm you up to them!

Only a few of you are not worried about meeting with others

Only 14% of you are NOT worried about meeting with others, with 15% extremely worried about it. Which puts the majority somewhere in the middle, not knowing what to think of it all! You are worried about infection, shielding, confidence to meet others and overall not really sure if you are allowed!

At Mush, we want to support you to get out there as much as you are comfortable to. We can assure you that you are allowed to meet with others, particularly outdoors. And what we know from years of campaigning is that mums can feel happier, healthier and more connected if they get together.

It’s all around feeling reassured that others are going through the same thing as you. That they are feeling the highs, but also the lows of new motherhood. Only other mums in the same position can truly relate to the minute by minute details of what you are going through. 

And confidence? Well we are all feeling less confident than ever before… Undersocialized, shy, in my own head- this is just a few of the descriptions you have given for how you are feeling right now. And the only way to get more confident is to practice- just give it a go, focus on talking about what you know. The beauty is that your little one’s sleeping habits for example WILL be interesting to another mum going through it- don’t feel like you have to re-enter society with some big and lofty thoughts on ANYTHING. Just be you.

So I would highly recommend that you organise to see another mum sometime soon. I promise it will make you feel like everything you are going through is completely normal, common, a transitory phase and a time to remember…

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