What is Mush?

Mush is the friendliest app for mums. Created by Katie and Sarah after they met on maternity leave in a drizzly playground, it has now spawned over 2 million friendships and is the number one social app for mums. Mums who use Mush can find friends who live nearby with kids the same age, arrange meetups, get advice from parenting experts and fellow mums on the topics keeping them awake at night and join chat groups based on everything from their due date to their love of reality TV. 

Mum Matcher

This is the heart of Mush and how it all began – the easiest way to find mums in your area, with kids the same age.

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Mums can host meet-ups, big and small, in their local area, and share them here so that as many mums as possible turn up and have a brilliant time.

Chat Groups

We know there are all sorts of things you might have in common with other mums, from your single mum status to your love of Strictly to your baby’s date of birth. This is where you can chat about your favourite topics in real time.

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Live Expert Chats

We know that sometimes you need a bit of extra support. Every week, experts on everything from sex to weaning pop by to answer your burning questions.

Lots more!

There’s plenty of other stuff to keep you amused on Mush too. You can post questions on the feed, read brilliant guides to all things parenting (including personalised daily guides tailored to the exact age of your baby), send private messages to your new mates, give our Boost confidence course a whirl, buy and sell baby kit…. with new features being developed constantly, we’ve got your whole mum life covered.