We unite mums in pods of five – the proven perfect number for support, learning and fun. Pods are private messaging groups of approximately five mums matched by age of baby (or pregnancy) and location. You can also invite your own friends into smaller groups.

This is your private hub to make the most out of motherhood with four women like you. Make lasting friendships, share experiences, help each other, meet in person, chat to experts together, get group offers, stay connected, supported and happy.

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Experience & Learning

Tap into the wider Mush community with classes, courses and experiences. Browse helpful courses and information specific to your children's ages, interact with other pods and mums in your area and maybe even book a class. It's always a bit more productive and a bit less nerve wracking in a Pod! Mush is always on hand to make sure you're making the most out of motherhood with both support, shared experience, learning and fun.

Mum Meet Ups

Mums can host meet-ups, big and small, in their local area, and share them here so that as many mums as possible turn up and have a brilliant time.

Mum Matcher

Still at the heart of Mush and how it all began – find mums in your area, with kids the same age, build real friendships and if you find a true bestie, maybe even invite them into your Pod.

Mush Guide

From 2 weeks before birth right up to your little one's 6 month birthday, we'll send you a daily article relevant to the mummy milestone you'll be experiencing. Think of us as a supportive daily voice both in the midst of the madness and the quiet of the calm.