7th November 2020

The 5 best things about hunkering down with a new baby

We swear summer just finished but now a very different kind of Christmas is a matter of weeks away and we officially have no plans… like, ever. But the great thing about having a baby right now is that real world FOMO is no longer a thing – in fact, your timing is impeccable, as absolutely nobody is having fun without you. So, along with our friends at Pampers, let’s celebrate the things that are actually quite nice about having nothing to do and nowhere to go with a tiny little, completely perfect human.

Sleep is irrelevant 

You had heard vicious rumours that babies are not the greatest of sleepers, and guess what? They were true. But… who cares! OK, you care, because you’re knackered but for now… whisper… it doesn’t really matter. Nobody has any expectations of you being anything other than exhausted, and there’s nothing to do in the outside world anyway. There was a time, pre-pandemic, when your new baby schedule might involve coffee shop chatter and singing classes and other things happening at specific times that clashed with your intentions to sleep when the baby sleeps. While it’s heartbreaking that many of these things aren’t currently possible, there are hidden advantages too: namely, it’s perfectly acceptable – in fact, encouraged – to not leave the house very much. If you can make a Mush virtual meet-up at 11am daily then great! If you miss it because you’ve nodded off with a piece of luke-warm toast as a pillow, we’ll forgive you. We’ve been there. And we’re never buying marmalade again.

You don’t have to feel like a donkey

One of the big unspoken things about first time motherhood is all the carrying you will do, which somewhat takes the mickey when you’ve been lugging a human around in your body for all those months. The fact is, in the early days, it seems impossible to leave the house without looking like you’re going on a six week cruise because, considering how small they are, babies seem to require an awful lot of swag: changes of clothes, nappies, wipes, other poo-related paraphernalia, feeding-related bits and bobs, distracting toys… the list goes on, and it’s heavy. But if the only time you leave the house is for a stroll around the park to get your little one off to sleep, you can do without all that stuff – a Pampers New Baby nappy or two stashed under your buggy (or stuffed in the pocket of your practical mum coat along with some wipes) should see you through. The quick dry core helps to absorb liquid instantly, keeping sensitive newborn skin happy, clean and dry, minimising irritation. And you know what that means: more chance of a decent nap while you stroll (until you boldly dare to stop moving, anyway. Sigh…).  

Loungewear is everything

We knew that maternity leave wasn’t a black tie affair but now that everybody’s living in comfies, there’s even less pressure to make an effort, along with waaaay more stylish (emphasis on the ish) loungewear in the (virtual) shops than ever before. Whether you’re a jazzy activewear type, an are-they-PJs-or-trousers floaty sort or a they’re-definitely-PJs-and-you-don’t-care kind of mum, you are comfy and that’s all that matters right now. Especially just after the birth. Ouch. And the same applies to babies – and comfort is guaranteed if they’re in a Pampers New Baby nappy; the only newborn nappy approved by the British Skin Foundation because of the protection it offers sensitive newborn skin. 

Alllll the boxsets

Pre-baby it was so hard to keep up with all the trendy TV series your friends would recommend. Now? You’re the friend doing the recommending, because spending most of the day trapped under a newborn rapidly manages to justify your subscriptions to three different streaming services. Enjoy it while it lasts, before your baby develops cultural tastes of his or her own which might not have much crossover with yours.

You can perfect your mum skills in the comfort of your home

One of the most stressful bits about new motherhood is when your novice mum skills are tested in the wild – every mum has a traumatic story about struggling to whip a boob out in the meat aisle, or tending to a poonami in the boot of the car in the howling wind. The great thing about these weird times is that you can now get really good at this stuff before having to put it to the test in the outside world. The first few times you change your baby, for instance, can be stressful, but with Pampers New Baby – the only newborn nappy approved by the British Skin Foundation – you know you’re in safe hands. Trust us, before you know it, they’ll be out of their New Baby nappies and into the Active Fit range, designed for wriggle-proof fit and comfort for every wild-child (which is a whole different ball game).

‘’This week’s content was sponsored by Pampers New Baby; Pampers #1 protection for sensitive newborn skin and the only newborn nappy approved by the British Skin Foundation. The nappy’s unique skin touching layer provides breathability and comfort and the quick dry core absorbs liquid instantly to keep sensitive skin dry and protected. Pampers New Baby is currently on offer at Boots.com 

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