5th May 2016

How to survive hosting a kid’s party

Amy Ransom shares some sanity-saving guidance when it comes to holding a party for your little one

  1. Never have it at your house

Unless you really want to get one step closer to that nervous breakdown. Or you’re only inviting your child.

  1. Be clear on your sibling policy

Otherwise, you may have a few turn up unexpectedly. And whilst their parents might say, ‘Oh, don’t worry about them, they’ll just sit quietly in the corner,’ they won’t feel quite the same when they miss out on the games and there isn’t enough food or a party bag for them.

  1. Venue hire

If you hire a venue, check there isn’t another party in there directly before you. You’ll never get them out in time and you’ll still be putting up the balloons whilst your small guests are hammering on the door, ‘LET US IN!’

  1. Party bags rule

So don’t try and do something innovative and original like sweetie cones. That take hours to lovingly assemble. Kids don’t care how beautifully packaged your themed party favours are. They want sweets AND all the plastic junk that comes in a tacky party bag. You’ve been warned.

  1. Everyone must have a turn

Always have one layer of paper per child with a hidden sweet for Pass The Parcel. Unless you want a mutiny on your hands.

  1. If in doubt, dish out sweets

Keep a bowl of sweets handy for anyone who didn’t win a party game. At parties, kids expect to get a sweet for going to the toilet.

  1. Gifts and cards always get separated

So don’t even try to write down or remember who gave what. The chances of actually getting thank you cards out are slim enough. Make life easier for yourself and send a blanket, ‘Thank you for coming to my party and for my present’ type message.

  1. Wine

Make sure you have a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge for when you get home. You’ll need it.


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