9th May 2016

How to survive the day when you’ve had no sleep

Up all night with your little one? You might be shattered, but it’s 7am and your baby is raring to go. Louisa Pritchard tell us how to make it through to bedtime with your eyes open (and your sanity intact)

  1. Fresh air is your friend

Going outside might be the last thing you want to do (hello sofa). But getting a blast of air – not to mention exercise – will give you a much-needed endorphin boost. Hit the park or just go for a walk round the block with your baby. It’ll make you feel better we promise

  1. Keep drinking

No, we don’t mean wine (well, not at 7am…). Keeping hydrated will help fight against your exhaustion. And while you might want to mainline coffee and tea, a rush of caffeine will only give you a short lived hit of energy. (Not to mention keep you awake at night. Again.) Try green tea instead which is much lower in caffeine.

  1. Go on a meet-up

So tired you can barely string a sentence together? We feel your pain. But if you’ve arranged a playdate, don’t cancel. Laughing with your friend will give you a hit of oxytocin which helps reduce stress levels. Exactly what you need after being up at 1am. and 2am. And 3am….

  1. Go nuts

Not literally… but by eating a handful of almonds, they will give you a vital energy boost. Brazil nuts, pecans and walnuts are also little nuggets of energy, perfect for that 3pm flag. (Which always coincides with your baby wanting to BE ENTERTAINED.)

  1. Fake it till you make it

In other words, try to fool your brain into thinking you’re not tired. Top tips include singing to your baby, doing tickle time or anything that requires energy and focus. If nothing else, your baby will love it!

Good luck… and remember; it’s bedtime soon.


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