4th July 2016

How to survive colic: a parent’s guide

Having a baby with colic is no fun at all. Living with colic is less fun than going to the dentist for multiple root canal surgeries, dropping your phone down the loo and being forced to relive your emergency C-section for the entertainment of your in-laws. Rebecca Cox gives the low down on staying sane…

Everyone will tell you ‘they’ll grow out of it’ or ‘it’s just a phase’, which is all very well, but after three weeks of what feels like constant screaming and very little sleep, it’s hard to see it. So if you’re nearing the end of your tether, here are some coping strategies from a mum of a colic-monster…


Whether it’s in a blanket or a sling, feeling wrapped up and protected will likely comfort your little one. It might not stop their crying right away, but for many babies being rocked while wrapped up snug is enough to calm them. We called our Caboo ‘the magic sling’.

Noise-cancelling headphones

…Plus your favourite music or Netflix show. At full blast. Keep cuddling your inconsolable little one but protect your sanity (and catch up on the latest episode of House of Cards at the same time).

Find a happy place

Every 30 minutes or so, put your baby somewhere they’ll be safe (eg. Moses basket), go into the kitchen and have a cup of tea, a bag of crisps, a banana or whatever you need to clear your head and get the strength for the next 30 minutes of noise. Taking a break is not only nice, it’s necessary to survive.

Get help

You can get into a pretty dark place after several hours of baby crying. Get your partner to take over for a while or if he’s not available, call on good old mum. She’ll make you feel better in the way only she knows how.

Give help

Get online and talk to other mums who are going through the same thing and give advice on what methods are working for you. Not only will you feel better knowing you’re not alone, you’ll feel as if you’re coping better knowing that you’ve been able to help another mum-in-need.

Good luck friends. And remember… They’ll grow out of it 😉


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