10th August 2016

Styling the bump

Cat Sims gives an incredibly witty, LOL account of how to dress when pregnant.

This pregnancy lark isn’t easy at the best of times but one of the toughest things to manage is the wardrobe side of things. Without trying to sound like the shallow person I totally have the potential to be, it can get incredibly disheartening and down-right soul-destroying as the weeks pass by and your usable wardrobe dwindles to nothing more than yoga pants, over the bump leggings and flip flops. If you’re still working, it’s even worse. It’s one thing having to lounge around the house looking and feeling a bit pants, but to have to go and kick-ass at work feeling like you’ve stuffed yourself into a sausage skin sucks the big one. So, here are my top tips for styling the bump.

1.  Invest in great blazers, bomber jackets and cardigans. These don’t have to be maternity and, as long as you’re not planning to do them up, they’ll last you your whole pregnancy. A banging bomber with a pair of jeans and a vest top will solve your fashion problems.

2.  Accessorise the shizzle out of your outfit. Ok, so 99% of your wardrobe has been rendered entirely useless but 100% of your jewellery box, your scarf supply and bag collection is still in perfectly good working order. Distract from the harem pants, the VPL and the swollen feet with some bling-and-bag-badassness.

3.  Where possible, get ‘over-the-bump’ styles in leggings, trousers, jeans, skirts.While they may not look sexy as you disrobe in front of your other half, it’s definitely preferable to bearing that stretched, slightly-translucent strip of skin that emerges when your vest rides up and your ‘under-the-bump’ pants drip down. You don’t need that kind of hassle in your life.

4.  With regards to underwear you simply have to reconcile yourself with the fact that for a year you’re going to be rocking undercrackers that even your Granny would question. Big BIG pants and bras with no underwire that all come in a slightly vomit-inducing shade of nude are your go-tos for the foreseeable. Sorry about that. I wish I had better news.

5.  When everything else fails – go Breton. Or black.


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