28th May 2018

Stuff you use during pregnancy that you can turn into something useful after

Walk away from eBay, says Caroline Corcoran, you’re going to need that stuff again, sooner than you think…

Pregnancy is a weird time. You start to think it’s totally normal to eat your dinner while rocking back and forth on a giant ball. You sleep with an enormous pillow cuddled into you like it’s a human that judging by your positioning, you’re considering making another baby with. You actually start to think decaf coffee is normal. But some of that stuff is less pregnancy-limited than you might think. Here are our tips…

Birthing ball

I will be forever grateful to Anna from my NCT group who a few weeks after we’d all had our domino births, told me that she was having some luck getting her baby boy off to sleep by bouncing on the giant birthing ball. The giant birthing ball was subsequently rescued from its new home – AKA wedged behind the door and at around number 575 on the list of things to deal with after we worked out how to deal with this small human we had just brought home – and we bounced, bounced, bounced our little boy off to sleep. I have no idea if it works for everyone but bloody hell, it worked for us.

Long, curbing pregnancy pillow

I mean, it goes without saying that it’s an awesome contraption that you can just chill in with a cup of tea while the baby has a nap but also, when he’s at that tricky age where he can sit up but is fairly likely to topple over, it’s a very, very good baby holding pen. I remember debating not getting one because ‘it seems a waste’; I laugh at that me. On balance, it might be the greatest investment of my adult life.

Alcohol-free wine

Ha ha ha, KIDDING. There is literally no use in the world for this crap. Unless maybe like a cleaning product?

Lavender oil

While pregnant, I lay on the bed repeating hypnobirthing mantras which funnily enough I did not manage to call to mind when I lay on the floor of the hospital entrance hall having quite a loud scream (I’m not dissing hypnobirthing by the way, I know it works brilliantly for some people and it worked really well for me to zone me out while I had my stitches but I had a very fast labour and in that part, it was absolutely out of the window). However I did it all with lavender oil to inhale on a tissue and now that lavender oil can get me to sleep like nothing else other than, you know, six gins. It’s magic.

Maternity pyjamas

“You can have all of my maternity clothes,” my sister told me. “Except my pyjamas. I still wear those.” And I was confused because she was slim and definitely no longer in maternity clothes but now I get it because when you’ve felt the sheer joy of maternity pyjamas, it’s very difficult to go back. My sister is now pregnant again, FYI. “You can have all of my maternity clothes,” I told her last week. “Except my pyjamas.”

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