8th August 2016

Six kids’ toys that are secretly for grown-ups

Lizzie Catt shows that there are perks to being in charge of your toddler’s Amazon wishlist…

There is no getting around the fact that children and all their stuff will take over your home. As toddlerdom arrives,high chairs and playpens give way to a rising tide of toys that may well engulf you if not beaten back nightly.

Not all toys, however, are created equal and some will have you wishing that the kids would just go to bed so you can finally have a proper go yourself.

1. Duplo

If you thought that Duplo was just Lego’s lame cousin, think again. There are gorgeous pastel colours, animals, ice creams and superheroes to play with these days – you’ll soon be ordering extra supplies on Amazon so you can build that split-level apartment. For the polar bear.

2. Playdoh

Playdoh is so pretty. Kids love Playdoh!They love mixing all the colours together til it’s brown, getting hair in it, treading it into the carpet and leaving it out to go dry. Kids should not be allowed anywhere near Mummy’s lovely Playdoh.

3. Googly eyes

There are few things that aren’t improved by the addition of a pair of goggly eyes. Including the kettle.

4. Stickers

Where there are children, there are stickers. Stickers on the bottoms of your socks, up your walls and clogging up the hoover, so you might as well enjoy them. Sending your other half off to work with 20 Mr Tumble faces plastered to the inside of his gym bag is a good place to start.

5. Brio

Forget mindfulness apps; building a circular Brio rail track, sticking all the little magnetic train carriages together and taking them for a potter is about as calming as it gets.

6. Paddling pools

Yes, the weather will only be hot enough to warrant blowing up the paddling pool three times each year, it will be full of drowned flying ants by lunchtime and a child will eventually poo in it. But admiring your painted toenails looking super summery under the shimmering water, you’ll almost convince yourself you’re on holiday.

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