5th June 2019

The shocking secret they never told you about your baby’s favourite toy

The Jumperoo, sometimes known as the circle of neglect, is the best friend of every parent of an active but not officially mobile baby. It is an absolute godsend, buying you precious minutes to go to the loo, shove chocolate into your gob, maybe even brush your hair (not all at the same time, that’s weird). But, IT’S HUGE. It basically takes up your whole house, even if you’re really loaded.

Except… there’s a little fact that nobody finds out until way, way too late… because who has time to read instructions (also they’re almost always hand-me-downs – sorry, Fisher Price – so the instructions were chucked into the recycling six owners ago)…


A bit louder for the sad lady at the back with the crying baby…

I T  F O L D S  D O W N ! ! ! ! 

Basically, there’s a little button on one of the feet that squashes it into a much more manageable size. It’s still big, but it can be way more easily shoved into a corner or behind a door.

Game changer or what?

You’re welcome.

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