23rd June 2017

The Second Baby Chronicles with Robyn Wilder: Third trimester adventures

Robyn Wilder’s having another baby! And she’s writing about her pregnancy for Mush every couple of weeks. Here’s the sixth instalment, in which, according to our friends at Babycentre, her unborn child is roughly the size of an aubergine. No sniggering at the back, emoji abusers… 

Hello! I’m afraid I’m a little late with this week’s second baby diary, mainly because all sorts of pregnancy shenanigans have been going on. But here I am – 28 weeks (that’s seven months, month fans) pregnant! Yes, I have finally entered the third trimester of my pregnancy. I’m expecting to deliver by elective Caesarean just over two months from now. The baby feels like a very strong, very active squid shimmying around in my belly, and I have quite the waddle on already. So, here’s the latest news from inside and outside my uterus! CAN YOU HANDLE THE EXCITEMENT.

1. I had a very tiny scare

As is the way of my pregnancies, something extremely tiny goes ever-so-slightly wrong in the third trimester. Last time – to my utter horror – I went bum-over-boobs in a swish Belgian chocolate shop, and broke a rib. It wasn’t serious, but it was VERY uncomfortable. A few days ago, I was in the playground pushing my son on what he calls the “round-and-round”, when something in my belly painfully went ker-KLUNK. It felt like a big, whole-body baby jump, followed by a really unpleasant low, dull ache. I ended up waddling up to the maternity ward for a check-up, feeling the whole time as though the baby might drop out of me if I blinked too hard. Turns out I wasn’t in labour, thankfully, but the baby was engaged. He’d dropped down and now his giant baby head was firmly wedged in my pelvis. It was so uncomfortable – and still is. He’s mostly still there, spelunking behind my pubic bone and making walking any distance a near impossibility, but occasionally he pops out to give me a breather. Thanks, son.

2. I discovered dungarees

I don’t know whether it’s because the baby’s dropped, but suddenly I cannot bear any pressure on my bump – and that includes the waistband of the maternity leggings I lived in during my last pregnancy. So now I live in lightweight jersey dungarees – I have both the short-legged and full-legged versions. They’re flattering and practical, and prevent chub-rub in exactly the way a maxi dress wouldn’t. Plus I can use them as going-home clothes after the birth as they’ll be gentle on my C-section scar, and good for breastfeeding. Looking like a monochrome Tweedledee is a small price to pay for comfort.

3. I booked a babymoon

Really what I want to do is go to CenterParcs, send my son off to have adventures with the kids’ groups, and spend two weeks swimming, napping, eating, and getting massaged to within an inch of my life. But all our spare cash is going on baby paraphernalia, and we can’t afford the time away, so instead – before the baby’s due – we’re renting a weekend beachfront Airbnb IN THE SAME COUNTY THAT WE LIVE IN. I can tell they’re going to have to drag me out physically when it comes to check-out time – but on the plus-side we get to take a taxi door-to-door, which doesn’t often happen with holidays.

4. Spent some quality time with my son

Because I’m quite dense, it only recently hit me that once the baby comes, it’ll be a while until my toddler son and I can be a double-act again, and – even though I’m very excited about the baby – this does make me ineffably sad. So I’m making the most of him. When we’re together I wrestle him onto my lap and kiss him relentlessly, and breathe him in. Twice a week we sneak off for adventures by lakes and in parks, and sometimes we just sit together in the garden, quietly playing. It breaks my heart a bit, but – crikey – it’s ever so good for the soul.

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