16th April 2016

How to rock being a new mum

Having a baby is, erm, scary. Amy Ransom tells us what you should expect of yourself in those early months (i.e. not much at all).

  1. Don’t expect to rock anything right now

‘Not rocking it’ IS the new rocking it. There’s nothing to be gained from being up, dressed and out and about three days after you’ve had a baby. So REST. And rest some more.

  1. To this end, wear mahoosive, comfy pants

Whilst eating cake and watching your favourite box set. I mean. Why wouldn’t you?

  1. Remember The Fourth Trimester

Three glorious months where you give yourself permission to make the transition to motherhood. By wearing those big pants, eating that cake and not worrying about what you’re doing (or not doing). You’re doing great.

  1. Live in the moment

Fast forwarding to months, or even days, down the line can be a scary place and add to any overwhelming feelings of responsibility. Stay still. You’ve got this. Just as you are.

  1. Cuddle your newborn whenever you like

You won’t create bad habits if he falls asleep on you. Look how tiny he is! He needs you. There’s plenty of time to get into a routine, later on, if that’s what you wish. Plus? The feeling of a newborn nestled on your shoulder totally rocks.

  1. Take any offers of help

Ask for help if you need it. There are no prizes for flying solo and no one said you have to do this task of raising a small person on your own.

  1. Don’t compare yourself or your baby to anyone else

We all do this motherhood lark differently and most of us are just winging it and hoping we’re getting it right some of the time.

  1. Remind yourself you’re amazing every single day

You won’t always feel it, but you really, really are amazing.


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