28th May 2016

How to be a retro parent: sherbet dib-dabs included

Give your child an education in how you grew up. Louisa Pritchard takes us down memory lane, reminding us of all the good stuff…

Hands up who remembers spending hours chasing butterflies in the garden? Or playing ‘Operation’ (and always dropping the funny bone). Why not go back to the 70s, 80s and early 90s – before smartphones and tablets – and introduce your kids to a retro way of life.

Play games In Real Life

Bye bye Minecraft, hello Wink Murder, Simon Says and What’s the Time Mr Fox. There might be grumbling to start with but they’ll become master villains in Wink Murder in no time!

Get texting… nineties style

Play ‘Consequences’ – get a piece of paper and write the name of a famous male at the top. Fold it over, pass it to the person next to you and they can write the name of a famous female. Repeat with ‘they met at…’, ‘he said’, ‘she said’, and ‘what happened in the end’. For younger children do a drawing version (hat, head, body and legs).

Go back in TV history

Remember the days when there were only FOUR channels on TV (yes, that really did happen!). Give your kids a limited number of channels to choose from – not only will it avoid endless channel hoping, you can *accidentally* leave out the one showing Peppa Pig.

Do a retro shop

Angel Delight, chicken kievs… go back in time in the supermarket and pick out a few dishes from days gone by. You could get your kids to help make the cheese and pineapple stick starter. Yum! (And yes, Sherbert Dip Dabs are top of the list).

Do an old-school Facebook friend request

Who does your child admire most? Go back to the eighties and write them a letter asking for a signed autograph. Your kids can help you look online for their Fan Club and then they can write a letter (stickers optional!) saying why they like them. Don’t forget to pop in a stamped addressed envelope so they can send you the autograph.


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