1st December 2020

Resources we found useful

There are plenty of people we are drawing inspiration from when we are building Mush Work. Think of this like a window to the Mush Work Soul, see all of our bonafide and trusted resources below, which we will update weekly!

Organisations we rate:
Pregnant then Screwed: campaigners for change around maternity policy and discrimination. They have plenty of sound advice and even a free helpline manned by lawyers specialising in maternity rights.
Careering into Motherhood: Run by the amazing Jane Johnson, it is a Facebook group and coaching community.

Home Start: Helping families with young children deal with the day to day parenting challenges we all face-2020 John lewis – TV Campaign profits are split between Home Start and another charity so lets get on the bus.

Working Families:
 is the UK’s work-life balance charity. On a mission to remove the barriers that people with caring responsibilities face in the workplace, they provide free legal advice to parents and carers on their rights at work.

Books we’ve read:

The Fabulous Mum’s guide to a Fabulous family life by Grace Saunders – Mum of three and bestselling author of The Fabulous Mum’s Handbook, Grace Saunders is back with the ultimate must-have book for mums and their fabulous growing families. Drawing on her own experiences, the stories of fellow-mums and the advice of a line-up of professional gurus, Grace covers everything from how to handle competitive parenting and travelling en famille to easy eco-friendly solutions for the home, nutrition know-how for the whole family, and style tips for helping you feel less mumsy and more you! Like a best friend, Grace is here to offer honest advice, practical tips and useful solutions for surviving the fun but exhausting mayhem of family life.

Mummin It by Harriet: Full of bite-size chunks of information and time-saving tips, Mummin’ It is a parenting and lifestyle book that is relatable, helpful and fun. We love the idea of Mum’s Meal Bingo, helping you to figure out what to cook on a wet Wednesday. With chapters on Food, Home, Travel, Body Positivity and Life, Harriet covers all aspects of what makes a family home tick and offers survival hacks and down-to-earth practical advice to help your home function more easily.

Know Your Worth: We are huge fans of Anna Mathur and although this book isn’t directly aimed at mums, we know you’ll get a lot out of it. In Know Your Worth, Sunday Times bestselling author and psychotherapist Anna uses her personal and professional insight to guide you to a place of balance that will allow you to recognise and appreciate your self-worth, build your self-esteem, grow in confidence and worry less about what other people think. And who doesn’t need more of that?

She’s Back: Women’s careers twist and turn. Women step back or step away for so many reasons. Then, let’s face it, returning is tough. Whether you are coming back after a break, or looking to ramp up a level, this book is an essential guide and helps you succeed. 

Podcasts we’ve listened to:

The Working Mother’s Mentor 
– Business strategist and executive coach Julie Finn’s podcast provides inspiration, actionable strategies and advice on leading a high impact life. Throughout the eight-episode series, she’s joined by executives, entrepreneurs and change markers, who share their secrets to creating a fulfilling professional and family life.

Wisdom for working mums 
– Expert interviews and conversations with inspirational working mums all designed to help support women to combine their family, work and life in a more successful and sustainable way.

Beyond Burnout – Life Management for Working Moms – This podcast is a must for women struggling to balance their life, family and work. Created by psychiatrist Dr Tracey Marks, Beyond Burnout offers strategies to improve your physical and mental health, as well as your relationships.

People we admire:

Anna Whitehouse 
– for her tireless campaigning on flexible working for everyone, mums or not.

Larissa Waters – Australian Senator was doing one of the most natural things in the world: breastfeeding her two-month-old daughter, Alia Joy But she just so happened to be taking part in a parliamentary vote at the time, making her the first politician in Australian history to breastfeed her child during parliament and a new hero for working mums across the world.

Laura Bates – Laura founded the Everyday Sexism project back in 2012 and it quickly spawned a phenomenon-encouraging women to call out the daily sexism that came their way, and directly challenging the notion that sexism had been eradicated in modern life. She wrote a book of the same name, in 2014, and her acknowledgement of the pervasiveness of sexism struck a huge cultural nerve. She continues to work as a prolific feminist writer and was awarded a British Empire Medal for her work on gender equality in 2015.

Samira Ahmed –  2019, this award-winning journalist took the BBC to tribunal for being paid six times less than a male journalist hosting a similar show – and won the case in a landmark victory that could change the lives and salaries of so many.

Course Providers we vouch for:

Digital Mums – Helping you build your confidence and a career you love with expert training in social media and digital.

Tiney – Childminding training – tiney helps dedicated educators open joyful childcare settings from their own homes.

Careering into Motherhood – Run by the amazing Jane Johnson, it is a Facebook group and coaching community.

Working Wonder – We exist to drive positive change in the workplace so that everyone can work wonders.” — Calli & Nichola.

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