11th April 2018

How to rediscover your body after producing a human

Because fitness takes on a new meaning when a person has been living in your tummy…

We all know the feeling. You’ve been squished on the sofa under a baby for weeks… months… who knows how long it’s been? Box sets have been consumed along with selection boxes. And you know what? It’s all good. Slowly recovering from birth and bonding with your baby is important. This is not a time for diets and new PBs.

Eventually though, you might feel the urge to rediscover your body after incubating a little human for all those months. But how? Pre-baby, a quick trip to the gym or a run around the block would have done the trick. Now though, there’s the little human to consider, and let’s face it, it’s unlikely that they’ll sit patiently while you blitz it on the rowing machine. Here’s how to get moving again…

Find the right trainer

Jamie the shouty PT was just the man to burpee you into a wedding dress, but you may not feel comfortable talking to him about the intricacies of your pelvic floor. It’s really important – and hugely beneficial – to find a trainer or teacher who knows how to deal with post-natal bods, from pelvic floors to abdominal muscles and post section tums.


Buggyfit run outdoor fitness classes across the country in parks and beautiful National Trust properties, even by the sea. They’re run by qualified trainers who specialise in helping women get physically (and mentally) strong again after having a baby, whether they worked out pre-baby or not. Dads can come too, and it’s a brilliant opportunity to meet other mums with babies the same age. Visit www.buggyfit.co.uk to find your nearest class.

Get in the deep end

Going swimming when you have a baby can be a mission and nailing the postpartum swimwear look is a pain. But if you can de-bub for a couple of hours or find a leisure centre with a crèche, a gentle swim is a fan-bloody-tastic way to get moving again, all with the support of the water.


Even if you were more HIIT than om pre-baby, consider giving post-natal yoga or pilates a whirl to increase strength and help iron out any pregnancy/birth-related kinks. Teachers can also offer advice on how and when to get back to the high intensity stuff without causing damage to joints and muscles.

Tracking it

Fitness trackers don’t have to be about recording 10ks and million-mile bike rides. Walking with the buggy is a free, gentle way to get your move on with no childcare required – and it’s blooming satisfying to set yourself a goal. If you had SPD, a section or a tricky delivery, check in with a women’s health physio before attempting Land’s End to John o’Groats.

Find your people

We won’t stop saying it, post-baby bods are AWESOME. What they’ve done is amazing. We also won’t pretend that every new mum is automatically ready to show off her latest bikini on Instagram. If your old gym clothes (not to mention those dental floss thongs, eek) are looking a little intimidating right now, find other mums on the Mush app who are in the same boat and arrange to work out together. They’ll probably even shout you a couple of breast pads when you forget to put yours in your sports bra. Bonus!

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