14th March 2017

Recipes to batch-cook and bung in the freezer before you pop

The countdown is on. You’ve cooked up a baby, and now, with a bit of help from our friends at Ocado, it’s time to cook up some freezer-friendly meals to make you feel a bit more prepared for those early weeks of mayhem… 

Spending your final days of freedom (well, as free as it’s possible to be when you feel like a hot, tired whale) in the kitchen might not sound like the most relaxing use of your pre-baby mat leave but trust us, if you can free up an afternoon or two for batch-cooking, in a few weeks’ time when your partner’s back at work and you’re trapped under a sleeping/feeding/crying baby, you’ll be very glad you did.

Here are a few recipes to try. Also doubles up as a good excuse to eat loads of takeaways in the meantime – FREE PLASTIC TUBS!


Pasta dishes in general are perfect for batch-cooking – they’re cheap and easy to make, and easy to reheat fast in the microwave. And when you’ve got a new baby, you’ll end up doing a lot of reheating, as you and your partner take it turns to eat while the other holds the baby with a rumble in their tummy and a confusing cocktail of awe and resentment in their soul. This one will be worth waiting for though – the blend of cheeses make it richer and yummier than your average pasta bake. And rich and yummy is what you deserve.


The addition of sweet potatoes make this tastier, not to mention healthier, than bog-standard fish pie. Divide it into individual portions for ease of reheating, and make sure you have a big bag of basic frozen veg in the freezer too, to serve it up with. If you’re usually more of an artisanal organic kale from charming local greengrocer’s kind of girl, frozen veg can make you feel a bit like your granny, but you’ll need it when you’ve got a newborn and realise the only things in your fridge are the celebratory champagne you’ll get round to drinking in 2025, the measly 10ml of breast milk you managed to express between feeds and some mouldy old strawberries.


You’re probably not going to be getting a holiday in any time soon, so knock up a recipe that’ll make you feel a bit like you’re in an authentic Spanish restaurant instead. The warm, spicy flavours will make this feel like a proper treat after a long day at the coalface of parenting. Also a good one to slop onto the plates of rude visitors who turn up empty-handed to coo at the baby.


You’re never going to look forward to the tin of tomato soup that’s been gathering dust in the back of the cupboard since you had tonsillitis two years ago, but prepping a tasty soup that’s more like something you might have bought for lunch when you were a fancy working person will give you a boost. Suitable for veggies and packed with nutrients, this is just what you’ll need when you’re feeling a bit depleted. Spoiler alert: that’s at least the next three months of your life.


And now, your much-deserved treat after eating all those healthy, hearty main courses – delicious chocolate flapjacks that can be frozen and thawed on demand (we demand one every 23 minutes, please). But we’re not just being decadent – oats are believed to boost milk supply, so if you’re breastfeeding, these are practically medicinal. If you’re not breastfeeding, you need chocolate too, because you’re knackered and you just gave birth. You’re welcome.

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