12th October 2016

What you should really keep in your changing bag

During the third trimester, you’ll waste many hours packing, emptying and re-packing your shiny new changing bag. Nappies, wipes, nappy bags, nipple pads and a change of clothes for baby are pretty obvious, but what else could you find yourself needing the first time you dare to leave the house, asks Isabel Mohan.

Please note: if you’re anything like me, you’ll use the changing bag you spent so many hours researching precisely twice, and then trade it in for a rucksack instead (far more practical if you ever use a sling) and then, when your baby’s a bit older, trade that in for wildly panic-flinging items into a bag for life.

Barrier Cream

It’s crazy how much newborns manage to poo, plus sometimes they do stealth poos that you don’t notice straight away, both of which mean they’re prone to nappy rash, which is no fun for anyone. Shove a tube of AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Baby Barrier Cream in the bag and you’ll be sorted – it contains colloidal oatmeal plus zinc oxide, and is unscented and soothing, which you’ll be very grateful for if your little one turns out to have sensitive skin (so many of them do in the early months).

A soft book

It sounds silly now but I didn’t realise my baby would be interested in toys and books when they were so tiny. I was wrong – babies seem to enjoy bright, tactile distractions from the word go. A soft book squashes down small enough to keep in your changing bag and can be whipped out in times of need.

So. Many. Muslins 

If you’ve got a pukey baby, it’s true that you can never have enough muslins. But that’s not their only purpose. They’re handy to cover up when breastfeeding (soon you won’t give a monkey’s who sees your boobs, but to start with you might feel nervous about whacking them out), to pop on the ground if you find yourself changing a nappy in the park – and this WILL happen – and to mop up the various spillages you’ll cause when you try to hold a baby and sip a drink at the same time.

Hand Sanitizer

Those nappies you’ll inevitably change on the hoof can make you feel a bit grubby. Wet wipes are a god-send, but hand sanitizer will make you feel extra hygienic, even if you haven’t managed to shower for three days.

Snacks for you

If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll be hungry roughly every three minutes. And if you’re not, you’ll be hungry every three minutes too because this baby-rearing business is tiring. Make sure you’ve always got a stash of easy to eat snacks in your change bag (flapjacks or dried fruit are both good options) to avoid hangry meltdowns when your baby has pinned you to a bench because it’s decided now is a good time to feed/sleep.

This month mush is partnering with new AVEENO® Baby to bring you extra content and know-how. The AVEENO® Baby range is specially formulated to help moisturise, soothe and protect baby’s sensitive skin and contains natural active oatmeal.


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