21st January 2019

Proudly announcing some new additions

Hello! A happy start to the week to you all!

We wanted to help alleviate Blue Monday which falls this week. Unfortunately we can’t improve the weather, make the days longer, carry out your New Year’s resolutions or make your children sleep through the night. If we could, we would.

However, we do have some brilliant updates to Mush which will make your life on here way better. Have a look below at all the new things you have to play with (but make sure your app is updated first in order to see them).

The mum filter

Finding mums with kids of a certain age or due at the same time, within a certain distance, who are interested in the same things, is now far easier to do. Instead of scrolling for hours, you can click on the top right icon from the Mums page to play around with lots of different filters and find the mums you want to chat to more quickly. Hurrah.

Popular posts in your feed

We know that local info and local mums are brilliant and the reason you guys came to Mush, but in addition, we will now be showing you national posts about things you care about. We will show conversations that are firing up around the UK which means more mums can get support and advice on the topics that matter to them. If you want to keep your feed local, no problem; you can turn them off on your profile page, just flip the toggle “show popular posts” to off.

Buying & selling posts all in one place

We are now showing all of these posts in a snazzy line-up in your feed, so they are easy to browse. If you don’t want to see them at all, you can flip the toggle to off on your profile page.

Mush videos

We got a load of experts together for a day of filming to find out their top five tips around their specialist expertise. From sleep to pelvic floor, to building a business, sex and fashion, look out for the Mush videos you will now be able to see from the home feed. Let us know if you have any topics you’d like us to cover.

Better group messaging

We know a lot of you are creating big private message groups around local meet-ups, due dates or where you come from. To make it easier, we now have a new button on meet-up posts so you can create message groups with just one tap, and you will soon be able to do it on other posts too.



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