7th February 2019

Why we’re protecting mums from anti-vax scaremongering

We want to take a stand and say a defiant no to the anti-vax brigade…

We have enough babies between us here at Mush to know that there’s nothing enjoyable about going for jabs – from the first round of vaccinations with a confused, red-faced newborn, outraged that they’ve been woken from their nap to be poked with a series of needles, to the battles and bribery and sheer quantity of stickers and Kinder Eggs involved with taking a three year old for their preschool boosters.

But we also know that these stressful mornings and ensuing restless, feverish nights pale into significance compared with the alternative – living in a country where children routinely catch serious diseases; diseases like measles, mumps, tuberculosis, polio; diseases we’ve thankfully mainly only witnessed in period dramas due to the fantastic scientific advances of the last century.

We’re growing increasingly concerned by a minority of mums using Mush who believe the anti-vax propaganda which litters the internet. As Rohan Silva recently wrote in the Evening Standard, “it’s fake news on a grand scale”. Sometimes mums post on Mush because they’re nervous about taking their little one for their first jabs, looking for reassurance that everyone feels the same – only to be bombarded with questionable links and judgment from a growing tribe of mums who’ve opted not to vaccinate their kids, despite there being no scientific evidence to back up any of their fears.

The irony is, the only reason anti-vaxxers can stand by their views is because the rest of us are protecting their children by vaccinating ours. And yet the statistics are worrying – according to the NHS, the number of toddlers getting the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) injection has fallen for four years running, with cases of measles – a disease that was previously all but eradicated – increasing around the world, and this is thought to be largely down to online scaremongering.

Here at Mush, we want to take a stand and say a defiant no to the anti-vax brigade. We understand that everyone wants to do what’s best for their children and protect them from harm, but we know – as do the scientists – that they are much safer when we vaccinate them.

So, how are we going to implement this?

  • We will block or remove all anti-vax posts with urgency
  • We will give formal warnings to delete the accounts of Mush users who comment on other mums’ posts with anti-vax messaging
  • We will permanently ban users who are on Mush to spread this message

As usual, we don’t tolerate any unsafe or bullying behaviour from mums on Mush around any topic. If you ever see this, feel free to report the post. Our community team will deal with it as quickly as they can.

Thank you for helping us make Mush a safe space where mums can come for support and friendship.

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