4th November 2016

Perfect pressies for your pregnant pal who’s about to pop

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Your gorgeous friend currently feels like a whale. She’s tired, she’s bored and she no longer remembers what her toes look like. You’ve been there and you’ve come out the other side, reunited with your toes and now more tired than your naïve pregnant self could ever have imagined (but we won’t tell her that). You’re also, crucially, armed with new knowledge about the things that make those early days of motherhood a whole lot easier. Whether you’re throwing a baby shower for her before she pops or you just want to give her a nice treat, here are a few ideas.

A voucher for a good time

It doesn’t matter if she’s ready for her first post-baby night out within six days or six years, you just need to let her know that you’ll be right there with her whenever she’s up for it. Either buy or make a voucher for the two of you to do your favourite thing together: cocktails at your favourite bar, a manicure somewhere fancy, a luxurious sofa at the cinema or, if you’re both a bit keen and sporty, a session on your local climbing wall. She can stick it on her fridge as a reminder that one day she’ll feel like herself again. 15 months in, I still have a homemade karaoke voucher from my best friend pinned up in our kitchen; it makes me smile every time I see it and when we actually go it’s going to be the best night ever.

Something special for baby to wear

By now she’ll have vests and sleepsuits coming out of her ears, as well as enough muslins to swaddle every member of Blazin’ Squad. As one of her closest friends, you know her taste and you know what babies really need. Get the stuff other people might not have thought of: a cool raincoat, a pile of dribble bibs, some snuggly moccasins. And get them from a quirky online boutique (you’ll find loads on Etsy), since she’s bound to get duplicates from all the high street stores.

Pampering stuff for baby

She’ll have the basics sorted – nappies and wipes and all that jazz – but why not put together a little goody bag featuring stuff she might not have thought of: baby nail clippers, a sponge, some AVEENO® Baby Soothing Relief Baby Emollient Wash (it will work wonders on delicate, dry skin), a thermometer, a bottle of gripe water. This is the kind of stuff she’ll be panic-buying online in the first few weeks, wondering why nobody told her. My wise old sister, now a mum of three teenagers, remembered I’d need this stuff, and I’m forever grateful.

An SOS kit for her

OK, so the baby’s sorted, but what about her? One of my friends, a mother of two, put together an emergency kit for me to use in the first few days. It contained paracetamol, dry shampoo, moist toilet wipes plus two essential items a new mum can never have enough of: nipple cream and mounds and mounds of chocolate.

Food glorious food

When our baby was a couple of days old, some friends told us to make sure we were at home between 8 and 10am the following Wednesday. We were mystified – were they sending round a barbershop quartet to welcome him to the world? Sadly not. But the reality was even better – they had booked us an online supermarket delivery. It included practical stuff like milk and bread, easy meals like oven chips and pre-packaged sandwiches, plus decadent treats like posh crisps and shedloads of biscuits. My sleep-deprived husband actually cried when he answered the door (the delivery man thought he was a bit weird, but it was a nice moment). Start compiling that shopping list now…

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