16th April 2016

How to not be a mum for an afternoon

It’s hard to find an afternoon where someone else doesn’t take priority of your time. If you are lucky enough to find an afternoon when the kids are blissfully being entertained elsewhere, Gill Siddle suggests 5 simple ways to indulge yourself…

The brood is at pre-school or school or with Grandma, an afternoon stretches out ahead of you. Yes, you could crack on with the laundry, or dinner, or tidy the toys or build the new buggy OR you could claim that afternoon and reconnect with the you that exists beyond the ‘mummy’ name tag.

  1. Go to the hairdressers

Yes it sounds obvious but look in the mirror – you need it right? And you’ll get your head massaged and washed and get uninterrupted chit-chat with a grown up. Ooh and that post blow-dry bounce – remember what that feels like?

  1. Go to the cinema

Pick something that is a 15 or higher and release yourself from the cacophony of brightly coloured characters that soundtrack your life. Indulge in something cerebral – or kinky or violent, whatever floats your grown-up boat. Team it with an indulgent snack and relax in the dark and the quiet.

  1. Go for a walk

No rushing, you’re not late and you’re not dragging a meandering toddler, you’re just walking for the sake of walking. Plug those headphones in and get lost for a while.

  1. Go to the nicest bar you can find

Maybe it’s a hotel. Sit at the bar and order a crisp glass of white wine. Read a book as you sip it uninterrupted.

  1. Have a bath

Hey, you’re on your own and no one needs you – play music and submerge your head knowing you don’t need to listen out for needy squawks. Why not go the whole hog and light some candles and use that expensive bath oil, we can guarantee that you’re worth it.





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