18th July 2018

How not to fill your house with crap when you have a baby

Baby clobber. It’s not exactly parent-friendly, is it? Most kit laughs in the face of your tasteful, pre-baby dove grey décor, coming only in pink, blue or more primary colours than a clown car. Then there are the noisy toys; the singing dog, the perky remote control, the talking police car and the bleeping fake phone all wailing away in unison like the world’s worst choir. Then, when you think it can’t get any worse, the batteries run down and they start slurring cheerfully like mum friends at 8pm on their first post-baby night out (hey, the barman definitely overdid the amount of wine in that spritzer).

However, sharing a home with a small person doesn’t mean that you have to fill the place to the rafters with plinky-plonky plastic gubbins. There are actually some really rather swish bits of baby kit that will keep everyone happy and help you remember that yes, you may be covered in sick right now but you’re still a sophisticated adult human with staggeringly good taste.

Don’t go changing

Change bags are essential during the nappy years and beyond. So much more than a receptacle for nappies, wipes and a change mat, they soon become the hub around which life outside the house revolves: nipple shields, bottom cream, bottles, dummies, toys, muslins, sock-ons, snacks, spare clothes, sippy cups, picnics, books, medicine, sun cream, sunhats, bobble hats and little gloves all go in at some point. If you’re going to be glued to a bag for three years, make it a good one: the spacious Jem & Bea Jamie backpack keeps hands free for baby-wrangling, has a change mat and pockets for everything and looks blooming gorgeous in black, python-effect nylon.

Sweet seats

‘Wipe clean and dishwasher safe’ may not have been your watchwords when buying furniture pre-kids but they are now. While they are terms that don’t exactly conjure up images of tasteful design, it is possible to have your cake and clean it up afterwards. If you’d rather keep the cutesy prints to the nursery, check out the Koo-di Duo wooden high chair. It’s got sexy beech legs, comes in an oh-so-tasteful pale grey and converts into a sturdy toddler chair. And it’s got all that good stuff a parent wants – five point harness, detachable tray table so the baby can sit right up at the table with the rest of the family and it’s easy to clean. Win-win!

Cutting your teeth

When your baby is little and spends most of their time snuggled up to you, you’ll probably find you don’t wear a necklace at all (especially after they wake up from a nap with the imprint of a Mexican sugar skull charm indented on their cheek, oops). Then, when they get grabby, any fine chain has to be kept at least half a mile out of reach of those amazingly strong, chubby little fingers. Next up, the teething stage, when anything and everything is shoved into their poor, sore mouths. This is when developmental stage and style collide. Teething jewellery is such a good idea, especially when tiny teethers are feeling clingy. And no, you don’t have to thread a herd of Sophie The Giraffes around your neck, try the funky, chunky Laura and Ollie teething necklace. Made from super-soft, food-grade silicon with a breakaway safety clasp, this monochrome beauty looks fabulous even when accessorised with dribble.

Storage Wars

There’s no point fighting the fact that, when you have kids, all your breakables are going to end up shoved up on the highest shelf while toys and board books take over. Stylish storage is an excellent way to retain a little order while making sure your home doesn’t start resembling a soft play centre. Liewood Aya fabric baskets are made from strong organic cotton and are roomy enough to accommodate all sorts of toys, books, balls and dressing up clothes. They’re so easy to chuck stuff into at the end of the day and, perhaps most importantly, have either a friendly panda or bunny face printed on. Super cute. 

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