24th October 2019

The new mum’s guide to your baby’s skin

We know that right now you’re spending a lot of time staring at your body in wonder. But this means that you’ll also notice every little blemish (yes, even perfect newborn babies have blemishes. Heartbreaking isn’t it?!). Here are a few common newborn skin issues and what you can do about them that doesn’t involve Instagram filters.


All those months swimming around in your body mean that your baby has been exposed to some of your pesky hormones, which is why that in the first few weeks it’s common for newborns to come out in zits. It’s not very photogenic but it is completely harmless and tends to clear up by itself.


Not a cute potential name for a baby girl, but the official term for those little white bumps you might spot (lol) on their nose and cheeks. It’s caused by blockages in their teeny weeny oil glands and will disappear within a few weeks.


Common in darker skinned babies, these are areas of grey-blue discolouration that can appear anywhere on their body. It’s likely the baby doctors will have made a note of them during their newborn checks, so that they don’t get mistaken for bruises further down the line, but they’re harmless and eventually fade.


You probably know what eczema looks like already and were very much hoping your baby wouldn’t get it. The red, itchy patches can just be a result of dry, sensitive skin but can also be caused by allergies so it’s always best to get it checked out early on so it can be treated accordingly.


This delightful yellow crusty stuff tends to show up a month or two in, and most commonly appears on the scalp but can also be found lurking behind ears and even in armpits. There are over the counter potions available, plus oils like coconut and olive can work a treat.  


Pretty much all newborns go through a slightly crusty stage early on – it’s a natural reaction to being exposed to the big bad world after months luxuriating in your warm and gooey body. You can faff about with coconut oil, or just ride it out.

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