5th February 2019

The Mushy Love-In: how to meet new mums this month

Why you should sign up to host your very own Mushy Love-In…

Getting out and about and meeting mums is what we’re all about. But we also get how tricky it can be to muster the confidence to actually initiate it, let alone get all your stuff together to make it to the front door, all while wrangling a tiny person.

That’s why every few months we run a nationwide meet-up campaign, where mums from all around the country know that there is a designated day to get out of the house, meet new faces and grab a cuppa (and communally realise that no one gets through a hot one. You’re not alone!). Hot on the heels of Monster Mush and Christmush, Mushy Love-In lands on 14th February ♥️

If you’ve never arranged a meet-up before, this one’s for you – whether you host 3 mums or 30. Why?

It’s a great conversation starter

Mums tell us that one of the trickiest things if you’re new to an area, or the app, is to get the convo going at the start. Well this is the perfect kick-off. If you’re not ready to announce that you’re going to host something, pop a post out on the home feed or message a nearby mum to see if anyone wants to join in and host; you’ll be surprised how many will reply, plus your network will have grown instantly.

We’ve got your back

When you sign up to host we pop you in the special VIP group for hosts. You have a designated Mush advisor on hand to support you on everything from how to find a venue, to the best ways to spread the word about your meet-up, to creating images you can share to snag the on-the-fencers.

You’ll put yourself in the thick of it all

Not only will you know the names (and probably recognise the faces from their profiles) of the mums that turn up, but they’ll be looking for you when they turn up. For those of us that aren’t the natural “networker” it’s a quick hack to pop yourself into the centre of your local mum network. Plus you’ll get the kudos of being the mum who stepped up to organise something.

Most importantly, you’ll have a great time – just like all these Mush mums…

Don’t take it from us, here’s what these Mush mums had to say from their experience of our previous meet-up campaigns:

Hazel (Christmush host): “I would never have taken the initiative otherwise and it really paid out, I met some lovely ladies”

Deb (Monster Mush host): “We all had a great time at our Monster Mush meet-up. I’m generally a shy, quiet person (especially with new faces) so this was very scary for me. Will definitely be organising another meet up soon and would encourage other to do the same”

Kay (Big Mushy Picnic host): “We had a lovely time and have made a group that will meet next week too. There were 6 of us in total and it was lovely”


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