4th April 2019

Things you NEED to know about Mush’s spring update

We’ve spruced ourselves up for spring. Update your app now to enjoy some brilliant improvements…


On your feed you will see a whole section of popular posts from everywhere in the country. You can see what everyone is talking about and there’s a good chance it will be things you were also wondering about. It also means you are far more likely to get lots of responses if you ask a question, so please do pile in and create a post!


Secondly, we have been told time and time again that our articles and questions brighten mums’ days, and yet we know we haven’t made them easy for you to find. For that reason, we have now compiled all of this hilarious feel-good reading in just one place. With the update, you will be able to see them in one carousel, anchored in your home feed to greet you whenever you come visit Mush.


Keep an eye out for the daily, stage-specific articles that will begin to emerge over the coming weeks too. Make sure your kids’ precise ages are all correct for this reason, by going to your profile and editing if needed.


While you are on your profile, you will notice we’ve made them way more fun. We know that the more info you have about yourself, the easier the conversation will flow with new mum friends. As a result, we’ve put in no fewer than 20 questions that you can now answer in your profile, from two truths and a lie to our karaoke favourites. Our team at Mush are pretty close, and yet we discovered so much about each other we were answering for ourselves…


Also in Profile, we have now housed all of your old posts in one handy place. Never lose that meet-up post again! Asked a question a few months ago but forget to store the answer? Never fear, your post is now here.


Finally, we know you have lots going on and don’t need your app pinging every minute of the day (or night!). We have made it easy for you to define how and when you get notified on Mush. Head to the bell icon at the top of your home feed to see an easy way to manage these.


Watch out next week for another exciting change; you will be able to reply to comments on the home feed, making it much easier to keep track of conversations… we can’t wait!

We hope you enjoy our spot of spring cleaning (who needs Mrs Hinch?) and, as always, you can let us know what you think at hello@letsmush.com.

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