27th June 2016

How to make playdough… and other craft hacks

Hands up if your little one has a serious playdough habit. And hands up who is fed up of buying endless tubs after they Mix. Up. The. Colours. (Just us?) Louisa Prtichard has put together a shopping list for homemade playdough – and other craft hacks – that will save you money and keep your kids entertained. Result.

  1. Homemade playdough

You’ll need:

4 cups flour

1 1/2 cups salt

2 tablespoons of oil

1 cup of hot water

Food colouring

Mix it all together and voila, playdough! Just make sure your little one doesn’t put it in his mouth.

  1. Veggie art

Head to the fruit and veg aisle and pick out some different shaped produce like a sweetcorn and a sweet potato. At home, help you kids glue parts of the fruit and veg to a piece of card and then draw a picture around it. We love broccoli sheep and carrot crocodiles!

  1. Make lifesize children

Next time you’re at a DIY store, pick up a roll of lining paper. Roll it out when you get home, get your child to lie on it and then draw round them. When you’ve cut out the shape they’ll have a lifesize version of themselves to decorate!

  1. Salt dough

We love making salt dough shapes to decorate, and they’re perfect for any occasion like Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas. All you’ll need is:

Half a cup of water

Half a cup of salt

One cup of flour

Mix all together, and then cut out the shapes you want. Simply pop in the oven on a low heat for a couple of hours and then, when they’ve cooled down, they’re ready to decorate.


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