2nd October 2016

How to make money during nap time

First, a caveat: nap time. While some of you may be lucky enough to have babies who sleep in the day, I’m also aware that there are just as many mothers thinking, ‘nap time? LOL. I’d be lucky enough to get five minutes to go to the loo, let alone set up the next Starbucks’. And I count myself in the latter group, says Lisa Williams.

But whether your baby naps in the day or not, there are ways to make money which you can fit around playgroup trips and singing Wind the Bobbin. Here are five ideas…

1. Get paid to represent your favourite brands

If there are certain skincare, clothing or lifestyle brands you rave about to everyone who’ll listen, it’s worth contacting them to find out if they are looking for brand reps. Skincare brand Weleda runs a Wellbeing Advisor programme which allows you to make some money from products you love. Neal’s Yard and Avon also have schemes you might be interested in. Kidswear brand rep roles are hard to come by, but if you find the right brand at the right time (and try local and smaller brands as well at big guys), they might be interested in you selling on their behalf or showcasing their clothes on your social feeds; either for a fee, a discount, or the glory.

2. Get paid to do what you’re good at

Are you a dab-hand at event planning, wardrobe clear-outs or flat-pack assembly? Websites such as Taskrabbit pair up people who need odd jobs or ad-hoc admin done for them with people who can do it. An Uber-style ratings system means both parties need to be professional, and some of the tasks can be done remotely and at hours to suit you.

3. Get paid to write

Do you have an amazing true-life story to tell? If so, there may be a magazine or newspaper willing to pay for it. The Real Life features desk at the British national press agency Press Association (think Reuters for Brits) allows you to pitch stories to them via their online form. If they can think of somewhere they sell it, they will interview you, negotiate a deal and get the story published. You can also start your own blog or join a bloggers network such as the Mumsnet (for writing) or the TantrumXYZ Creative Network (for writing, graphic design, photos and video). They will help you find an audience for your writing and potentially sponsorship too.

4. Get paid to be on social media

Digital Mums run training courses in social media for women who would like to work around their childcare arrangements. They pair up their savvy recruits with companies which need some extra social support, so you could end up curating a Pinterest feed for a travel brand, responding nicely to complaints on Twitter for a coffee chain, or finding new followers for a new gin label on Instagram. And be paid for it, of course.

5. Get paid to clear your house out

When your kids have grown out of their clothes and got bored of their toys, and when you have a wardrobe full of clothes you don’t wear anymore, you now have many more options than the car boot sale. Sites such as Shonomac and Clotho will pick up womenwear items from your house (location depending), while, if you’re clever about it, you can use eBay to buy clothes and sell them on for a profit. Look online for some good tips. Facebook groups offer you another source of potential buyers for your things. Top tip: for bigger items, don’t automatically post in your local group, search for groups which cover wider areas eg ‘London parents’ to expand your pool of potential buyers, as some people will be willing to travel a bit for the right item.

Lisa Williams is the editor of TantrumXYZ, the website for tech-savvy, design-conscious parents.


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