16th April 2016

Chocolate treats of 100 calories or fewer

We want chocolate. Always. But without breaking the bank (calorie-wise in any way you mean it to be). Caroline Thain spills the Smarties on what doesn’t really count…

We are not saying you want to lose weight, obviously. You might even be looking to increase your diet.

If you are running about after little ones and breastfeeding, for example, you could easily need more. Or if you are keen to shift a few pounds post-baby, you may still satisfy chocolate cravings with these low calorie snacks.

There’s a surprising amount of yummy stuff that has a chocolate theme with a hundred calories in or less. See? They don’t have just a hundred calories – they contain nearly a hundred calories. It works both ways. Phew! Glad we sorted that out then. Awkward.

  1. Two Jaffa Cakes 90
  2. A finger of KitKat 54
  3. Marks & Spencer chocolate teacake 75
  4. McVitie’s milk chocolate digestive 86
  5. A bourbon biscuit 70
  6. A Fun Size Twix 98
  7. One Blue Ribband biscuit 99
  8. A Fun Size Milky Way 80
  9. Starbucks tall cappuccino 97
  10. Chocolate coated raisins x20 80
  11. A tiny Toblerone 21
  12. Two Cadbury Roses 100
  13. Cadbury Highlights mousse 60
  14. Weight watchers chocolate mini roll 87
  15. A Fun Size bag of Maltesers 99
  16. Slimfast chocolate caramel treat snack bar 95
  17. Galaxy instant hot chocolate drink 80
  18. Nestle mint Aero hot chocolate drink 97
  19. Skinny Cow triple chocolate brownie sticks 97
  20. And last but not least is our favourite – the humble delicious Cadbury Freddo. But be quick so that the children don’t get there first. Beware: there are considerably more calories in a multipack than there are in just the one Freddo.   95


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