1st April 2016

The lazy girl’s guide to breastfeeding bliss

Looking after a baby is tiring and breastfeeding should be the ideal time to sit down, munch some treats and get stuck into a box set. But all too often, you’ll find yourself trapped under a hungry little one for hours, gasping for a cup of tea with the remote juuuust out of reach. Don’t be that girl, says Lizzie Catt.

Get comfy

It can take a few weeks to get latches right, sort tongue ties and generally get into the swing of breastfeeding. Make sure your midwives and health visitors help you get sorted.

Set up HQ

Pick the best spot on the sofa and bed in. Finding the perfect cushion arrangement is an art form – special feeding pillows and back supports are just a click away online. If anyone tries to move your cushions, growl at them.

Prep your kit

Fill a basket with all the essentials – drink, remotes, gadgets, snacks, mags…

Snacks in the sofa

Tuck cereal bars down the sides of the sofa cushions so you can always reach a snack if you get the wobbles.

The Megatron

The chances of successfully gathering up remotes for the Sky box, Playstation, TV and sound bar whilst navigating your nipple into the mouth of a wailing baby are slim. Tape them all together like Jez and Mark in Peep Show, creating ‘The Megatron’.


Breastfeeding is thirsty work. Avoid dehydrating while your glass of squash sits out of reach on the coffee table by drinking out of a bottle.


A little thermos flask is great for enjoying a hot cuppa at the end of a long country walk – or when you’re stranded 10 feet away from the kitchen and gasping for a brew.

Power surge

Feed your phone, tablet and laptop chargers through the cushions so you can always tweet for help if you run out of Digestives.

Toilet training

There’s not much that can be done about being desperate for a wee when you’re feeding – but it IS possible to shuffle to the loo with a baby on the boob. You will amaze yourself.


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