9th March 2017

Last minute party food ideas for your baby’s first birthday

With some help from our friends at Ocado, we’ve got your baby’s big day sorted…

You’ll plan it for months, the huge landmark in your little one’s life that is their first birthday. But the thing is about babies, they take up rather a lot of time, meaning that your elaborate designs for a home-made three-tier rainbow cake suddenly overwhelm you, and you find yourself, just hours away from the big day, wondering how the hell you’re going to feed all those guests.

First up: buy a cake. Nobody will mind. But to add a bit of wow factor to that party spread without needing to put yourself through six rounds of Bake Off, you can pull together some snacks that are cute to look at, tasty to munch on AND healthy enough to feed to little ones who are just getting a taste for solids.


All you need is bread, cheese, fresh veg and an imagination to make these super-cute cat-face toasties. Healthier than pizza and way more creative than boring old triangular sandwiches…


Everything’s more fun when it’s eaten off a stick… these kebabs are easy-peasy to assemble and can be jazzed up by cutting your veg into star-shapes. A good way of sneaking healthy food into hungry little mouths… just watch out for any poking!


Kids love rainbows. Actually, so do plenty of adults. It takes mere minutes to arrange chopped fruit into a rainbow formation – and if it all feels a bit TOO virtuous, there’s always the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… think chocolate coins and marshmallow clouds. Yum.


As meals go, jacket potatoes are about as simple as it gets – but they’re not usually very pretty. With a few strategically-placed tortilla chips, they can be transformed into cute boats that are perfect for guests of all sizes and appetites.


Chuck some Babybel into your Ocado basket. Grab some food colouring and a toothpick. Voila, you’re now one of those Pinterest mums.


Babies love eating mud. But mud is a lot tastier when it’s actually chocolate, rice crispies and delicious melted marshmallows. We know we promised healthy but… chocolate is healthier for kids to eat than mud. Fact.

This month we are working with Ocado to make sure all mums know that they are here to make your life easier. Check out their Amazing Baby Sale today.

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