30th November 2017

We know this is getting on your nerves…

A message from Mush founders Katie and Sarah about some important changes we’re making to the app…

Hello everyone!

As you might know Sarah and I launched Mush last year after we found each other in a lonely playground with 4 kids under 2 between us (god, those days were hard!). We think mum friendship and support is the most important thing in the world (after our kids obvs).

Since then things have moved on a lot. We have hundreds of thousands of mums using Mush, a small and brilliant team at Mush HQ and Sarah is even having another baby (crazy) 👣. But the biggest thing is that our product has moved from being a friend finder to having lots of other fun features, including local chat which we all love.

So here’s the thing. Lots of you are using the app to promote your business and sell stuff. We didn’t think this would be a big thing, but we know some others of you are getting really fed up 😡. We all agree that this isn’t what Mush is all about and for now, all business posts will be removed.

In addition, this is what we are doing to relieve the stress…

  • We now identify keywords that prevent some of the most prolific sales posts for businesses and prevent them from appearing
  • We assess and remove reported posts and alert the user (soon this will show this on your feed too)
  • We will allow you to choose whether you see buy/ sell/ swap (of baby and mum kit) posts from within the settings (this will be ready within weeks)
  • In the new year we will have a dedicated space for mum businesses, this is a short term fix.

Hopefully this is a solution that will keep everyone happy – let us know what you think by emailing us via hello@letsmush.com.

Katie & Sarah


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