1st October 2019

Just for you: 6 stages to becoming a happier, more confident mum

Here at Mush, we’ve noticed a huge confidence crisis among mums, and we’re worried. We know that cliches like “it goes so fast!” don’t help when you feel like a knackered old sack of crap, right here, right now. We’ve been there. In fact, some of us are still in the thick of it now. But by working with you to feel better, we know that we can crack this together. 

We recently surveyed over 600 Mush mums about confidence and the results were staggering, with the vast majority of you admitting that your sense of self-worth has plummeted since having kids. Only 12% of you still feel attractive, and more than half of you feel like your relationship has gone significantly downhill. The majority of you have also experienced mental health problems since becoming mums, and yet most haven’t sought any professional help. 

All of this is why we’ve decided to launch the Mush Boost course, a course that will empower you to find your identity, claw back some confidence and focus on the things that make you happy.

Using insight from experts, our own instincts as we wade through the challenges of early motherhood ourselves and the big stuff the mums we surveyed told us about, we’ve honed in on the five different areas contributing most to that plummeting confidence: self-belief, body image, sex and relationships, jealousy and identity. 

In part one of the course, available now for free via the Boost button on your Mush homepage (make sure you’ve updated your app!), you can find out more about our experts and start thinking about the stuff that’s holding you back from feeling as confident and happy as you’d like.

Plus, on Wednesday night (2nd October), our psychology expert Lucy will be on hand in our latest live expert Q&A session. For one night only, this chat will be available to everyone on Mush as a taster of what our “Supermushers” – the mums who’ve signed up for the premium version of Mush – get access to every week. All you need to do is join our Everything But The Kids chat group (if you’re not already a member, just go to your messages tab, hit “discover new chat groups” and pop “everything” into the search box). 

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the Mush Boost course: your six stages to becoming a happier, more confident mum. 

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