28th April 2016

How to jazz up date night (without leaving the house)

Can we keep the romance alive in the early years of children? Cat Sims gives us a work-around.

Ok, so while we all try to stick to the weekly date night, chances are we manage it once and then, well, real life gets in the way and babysitters get scarce, money gets scarcer and all your energy goes out the window. But, it is important to try and remember what your relationship was about before kids. The answer? At home date night.

First up, make it a date rather than just another night in by actually asking your other half on a date. Send them a cute text, a sexy email or a note they can discover and make it official. Give them a time, a dress code and tell them to bring something – wine, handcuffs…whatever.

Plan something cool to do that you wouldn’t normally bother with. This could be sushi making, cocktail mixing or mahjong. Whatever floats your boat (we don’t judge). It’s just a nice way of making it more than dinner at home and also helps avoid the inevitable ‘end of the day’ regular chat which, while important, doesn’t make for great date night convo.

Of course, you have to eat. Shake it up by creating a magical a carpet picnic. Candles, rugs, cushions, cocktails…throw in all the spicy, exotic, booze-filled food you can’t eat when you’re cooking dinner for the under-fives and already you’ll feel like you’re on a night out. Even better organize swapsies with nearby parent friends – get them to cook dinner and deliver it to you and then you return the favour on their date night. Alternatively, order take-away.

If you get through dinner without ripping each other’s clothes off (who are we kidding!?) then line up a movie marathon. Tom Cruise’s 80s movies? Star Wars Episodes I-VII? The Fast & Furious franchise? Of course, you’ll probably fall asleep before the end of the first movie but it’s the thought that counts.

Finally, put the phones away. Unless you want to Instagram your smugly successful and sex-filled date night in…then snap away. But keep it clean.


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