29th April 2021

Introducing Mush Pods

We are so excited to announce Mush Pods; your ready-made mum gang with kids at the same stage. You’ll have so much in common you’ll be like peas in a pod.

Five is the proven perfect group size to forge deep friendships (ask the scientists) and we know that some mums on Mush need a helping hand to find their mates. So we’ve swept in to make life easier with a new feature to lovingly bundle you up in this way.

Given that we are nearly at the stage of post-lockdown where we can meet in groups this size too, whether for a playdate or a cheeky brunch over nap time, we reckon it will be the perfect time to find your new friends through Mush.

What’s more we will introduce offers and activity ideas through your Pod too (remember Groupon? Yeah, a bit like that). Basically, we will try to be the party organiser and let you all be the party guests, because even for the most organised social butterfly, mum life is hectic!

Right, important bit- to get your Pod you will need to have the latest version of the app installed (this isn’t relevant if you are downloading it now for the first time obviously!). If you are seeing our lovely new smiley logo on your phone screen, the likelihood is that you have had an update automatically. If you are still seeing the old Mush logo (without the smile), you will need to go to the App Store to get an update (go here for Android, go here for iOS)

Once in, go to the middle You tab, and hit the button to request your Pod.

We will be processing the requests over the next few days- we are allowing as many people to sign up to the Pods as possible before we put you in the best groups. So stay tuned, and we will be sure to message you and email you when your pod is ready!

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